A Grape Fit for a Virgin & A Poll

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    What a difference a day makes! Thanks so much for all of your kind, supportive comments, and sharing your own experiences with me yesterday - each comment really mattered to me a lot. Please know that I read each one carefully, more than once, but will likely get all weepy again if I reply to them, so I ask that you accept my apologies for not answering each in the usual manner, and take this as acknowledgement and sincere appreciation of each and every one. That last sentence is so long it looks like I translated it from German!

    I took Liz's advice even before she gave it and took that train wreck of a polish off (the Lippmann Funky Chunky - ew!), and switched to Nubar Earth. It was much better, far more cheery! I also had a nail incident that's kind of funny even though it's a PITA. I've moved a lot in my life. The longest I've ever lived anywhere in my 37.75 years is 4.5 years, and that was as a teenager. The one and only time I did not have a major nail break during a move was the last one, from my old apartment in this building to my current one. I'd hoped to repeat that success with this move. Well, I slept most of yesterday, and my right index nail snapped all the way off *while I slept*. WTH??? I've never lost a nail while sleeping before! It struck me as funny that I've been getting through manual work just fine, and then sleeping, of all things, was the death of a nail. Ah, well...

    My initial decision to not hack them all down was based upon time - it takes forever to file them all off evenly, and I just don't have time right now. Then last night it occured to me to just leave them, see what damage is done, and if I need to get a fake tip or two for a while, so be it. Scrangie was the one who gave me that brilliant idea a while back, when I did not need the advice, but my feeble little brain stored it away for future reference, and am using her advice now (I haven't read blogs for a few days, either - I see she has Funky Chunky too, with results much like mine...). So, for the time being, I look a little silly with nine long and one short nail, but I'll get that taken care of once I'm in the new place. I have a really good manicurist there, too. She's no Maggie, but she's dang good!

    For pictures, the lost nail doesn't matter,since it's on my right hand. For a good cheery mani today, I wanted a purple creme, and OPI's A Grape Fit was right here on my desk, so I went with it, using three coats. I thought a little white Konad would perk it up even more, so I added the Virgo pattern (my astrological sign) from Konad plate M34 to my tips. I started using White Konad Special Nail Polish, but mine has thickened and I can't find my thinner, so the result of a thickened Konad polish on a very fine engraving was that the stamp did not pick up at all - not a speck. My solution was to use Orly White Out for the stamp instead. It's not as crisp or pronounced as a good Konad polish, but good enough for a woman in a hurry.

    Virgo Konadicure Nail Polish
    Astrological Konadicure Nail Polish Bottle

    One other thing... We have a new poll this week, based on a few things. I'm asking if you'd like me to create a message board for us, which would be private (log in required, not viewable to non-members). It would fill a few needs that I have requests for, as well as one I've noticed. First, the one I've noticed - we all seem to often miss each other in the chat. This would allow us all to communicate when we're available. The others are needs I see via email: I'm often asked about helping international readers get US polishes, and US readers often ask how to get international releases. This would allow us to arrange to help one another. Another thing is that I'm often the intermediary connecting different readers who have things in common that are revealed to me via email. This would take me out of the middle and let people communicate freely. I don't imagine there will be a ton of people who want to participate, but even for a few I'll be glad to set one up. From the emails I get, I've found we have disproportionately many engineers who are readers, and lots of internationals, so it seems like we could put together a really fun group. I'm thinking of something very strictly G-Rated (well, PG-13: swearing would be allowed!), so everyone could be at ease. This poll only has one option for a Yes vote. If there's sufficient interest, I'll make one for us.

    So that's my very-chatty update for now, Dear Reader. Untl next time, love and nail polish to you!

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