Hard to Find Nail Polish & Carolyn New York News

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I have some older pictures for you today of some precious hard to find colors. The reason they're hard to find is that their manufacturers decided to discontinue these fabulous colors. I've shown these to you before, but since I don't have new pictures today, I went through The Vault to find something to show you, and this seemed like fun theme. I tell you, going through my pictures in chronological order is like watching a flip book of my nails growing!

    First up is the spectacular China Glaze Wet Velvet, which was a gift from a dear lady friend. It took several coats to be opaque, as the polish had thinned with age, but it was worth it. I'd been told it was a dupe for OPI's Real Teal, but it's not. They're cousins, but definitely not dupes.

    China Glaze Discontinued Nail Polish
    China Glaze Discontinued Nail Polish Bottle

    As I flip through pictures, I see China Glaze is a big offender on dc'ing the good ones! Here's another great one that was a gift, Dorothy Who? (the question mark is part of the name, not me asking...).

    Discontinued Nail Polish
    Discontinued Nail Polish Bottle

    The last one is another great one, Clarins 230. This one I got in an amazing swap with a dear friend, where we traded large flat rate boxes of polish, each color more hard to find than the last. We used a spreadsheet to make our selections from each others' lists and just valued everything at retail to be able to compare apples to oranges, and away we went. That final list with two LONG columns of hard-to-finds was a sight to behold! We were both like gleeful schoolgirls when our packages arrived!

    On its own, Clarins 230 is sheer, so I layered it over Sally Hansen Salon Addicted to Red.

    Clarins Discontinued Nail Polish
    Clarins Discontinued Nail Polish Bottle

    Those are the pictures for today. As I think about it now, I think I might appreciate my HTF's more for the experience of acquiring them than the colors themselves, because so many of them came to me from the generosity of others.

    On to the CNY news! Unfortunately, it's more of a CNY warning. One of my friends has been suffering through trying to contact CNY, and although their site is up, their email accounts and phone numbers are not in service. I even had the cell number for someone there, and that's no good anymore either. Now is definitely not the time to place an order with Carolyn New York - my understanding is that their site can still charge you for an order placed even though you can't get hold of them later. If there's any word on what's going on or their communication comes back up, I'll let you know whatever I know as soon as word comes through.

    Our last order of business is about the poll on the upper right. There's been enough interest in a little, private, G-rated (but with swearing allowed...) message board to get started on one. Just email me some info and I'll get it going: if you just know me from here, the name you use to comment, or if your know me from elsewhere, the forum and your username there. So we all know who's who in the zoo, I was thinking of keeping the usernames to same, and I'll reply to you with a password and we'll get going. It will be once I'm settled in the new place before we're up and running, so you'll get the notification emails probably starting Wednesday. I've gotten a lot of requests already, and will send you the login info in the order in which I received the requests. It looks like we're already assembling a really great group! I think we'll have some fun together.

    That's all for today, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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