Konad Regular Nail Polish & Plate M69

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today I tried another Konad Regular Nail Polish, this time Neon Pink. It's a good one. It took three coats to be even and opaque (like most neons), applied well, and dried quickly. Here it is alone with a base and top coat.

    Konad Regular Nail Polish
    Konad Regular Nail Polish Bottle

    Using White Konad Special Nail Polish, I added a pattern from plate M69.

    Konad Regular Nail Polish Konadicure
    Konad Regular Nail Polish Konadicure Bottle

    I used plate M69 because it was still out from yesterday's mani, which was Nubar Pink Creme with Cool Red Konad Princess Nail polish, using a different pattern. Here's that one.

    Nubar Nail Polish Konadicure
    Nubar Nail Polish Konadicure Bottle

    Now we're all caught up! Until next time, lova and nail polish to you!

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