Konad Regular Nail Polish

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Last week I took a peek at WowSoCool just to see if there was anything new there, and much to my glee, I found they started carrying Konad Regular Nail Polish. What fun! I looked at the colors, and found some to try out that looked unique, and I tried out the first one yesterday.

    I got a couple of pastels because they're way paler than other pastels, a couple of neons, and one other I'll show you soon. The first I tried out was, of course, Pastel Purple. I found the application was quite good and the polish very pigmented, but it still took three coats to be totally even since the color is so pale. I found each coat dried very quickly, so three coats was not a problem.

    Konad Regular Nail Polish
    Konad Regular Nail Polish Bottle

    Both Pastel Purple and Pastel Pink (which I have yet to try) have just a bit more color to them than OPI's Mod About You - they're beyond pastel. I'm happy with them!

    Since this is a Konad nail polish, it seemed only appropriate to Konad the heck out of it, so I did. I used an all over pattern from plate M70 and filled the gap at my tips with plate M19 using Violet Pearl Konad Princess Nail Polish, then topped it all off with another coat of Diamont. In the picture, the coverage on my tips looks a bit uneven. Since I don't walk around with a bright light and a magnifying glass over my hands, they looked just fine under normal conditions.

    Konad Regular Nail Polish Konadicure
    Konad Regular Nail Polish Bottle Konadicure

    The bottles of the Konad Regular Nail Polish are small, 10 ml versus the usual 15 ml, but the price is smaller as well at about $5. Toss in the 20% discount (code = nailphile) and free shipping over $20, and they're not pricey at all. I'm very pleased with this one, and am fired up to try the others, so I'll be showing them to you soon.

    That's it for today, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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