Nubar Reef Green & Konad M32

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    Although Sephora by OPI Dark Room was pretty, it surely wasn't very summery. I decided I needed something little more cheery today, and reached for Nubar Reef Green. The shimmer on this one, as with all of Nubar's California Dreamin' Collection, just glows (it shows well in the second picture below).

    This one's a two-coater, and since the damage to my nails shows up pretty clearly through two coats, especially a shimmer, a thought a little well-placed Konad might be in order. I added the two-butterfly pattern from plate M32 in Psyche Pink Konad Princess Nail Polish. The result is summer, cheery, and masks my jacked up nails. What more could I ask for?

    Nubar California Dreamin Nail Polish
    Nubar Nail Polish Bottle

    Just before I sat down to write this, UPS came with something I haven't seen online yet (I think, I didn't open it because I just finished my mani, but I'm going by the return address), so I hope to have something cool for you tomorrow. Either I'll have something cool or a great big letdown for both you and me, one or the other... We'll hope for the former.

    So we'll see what's in the mystery box tomorrow, and until then, love and nail polish to you!

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