Orly Holiday 2009 Collection: Femme Fatale

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    As I unpacked the package I told you about earlier, I came across mystery items, and they turned out to be Orly's Holiday 2009 Femme Fatale Collection, so I'm all excited. Since it was only three colors to swatch, I decided I'd have at it and tell you about it right away! The rest of the package was indeed the cool stuff I was hoping it would be, but since this was even better and to be honest, I knew nothing of this collection, it came first.

    All took three very thin coats for me, and applied well. The first two are over Foundation base coat without a top coat, and the third is a full manicure over Nu Nails topped with Diamont. I'll get straight to the pictures!

    Siren is described by the manufacturer as a "bright red creme," which is accurate. This one's a really vivid, classic, 1950's red.

    Orly Femme Fatale Nail Polish
    Orly Femme Fatale Nail Polish Bottle

    Next up is Goddess, which the manufacturer calls a "red brown creme," but I think it looks kind of red plum. Might be six of one, half dozen of another, I don't know...

    Orly Femme Fatale Collection Nail Polish
    Orly Femme Fatale Collection Nail Polish Bottle

    Finally, the one I absolutely had to use, Temptress is described by Orly as a "deep red shimmer," I see it as kind of a red brown. I love browns, so that's no criticism! This is a great color, my favorite of the three.

    Orly Holiday 2009 Collection Nail Polish
    Orly Holiday 2009 Collection Nail Polish Bottle

    So those are the colors. I expect some comments that they're boring, but to be honest, I see two classics and one twist one a classic. The reason 1950's red is still around in 2009 is that it's one heck of a red, plum is always good (especially this year), and Temptress is just plain hot. That's just my one opinion, whatever that's worth - I'm just here to show you the colors and tell you about them.

    That brings me to the next point - Orly's formula is now totally free of formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin as well as toluene and DBP. So use it in good health!

    I hope to have time to show you the rest of the cool package tomorrow, Dear Reader... It's good! Until then, love and nail polish to you!

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