SpaRitual Delight & Konad Plate M57

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Last night I did a nice little Konadicure after a long day of work. It was a day of painfully detailed work, which exceeded my attention span by several hours. By the time we were done, I wanted to relax with a quick, finite project, so what better thing to do than a Konadicure?

    I started with a base of SpaRitual Delight from their Spring 2009 collection, which I showed you a while back. This one is a three-coater for me. Then I added the little bow pattern from Konad plate M57, using Konad Princess Nail Polish in Coral Blue. The one thing I dislike about both Konad Special and Princess Nail Polish is that they don't have a label on them (the Regular do though), so every time I use one and want to tell you what color it is, I have to go to WowSoCool and look at the bottle pics to get the name. The good news is that the bottle pics there are super accurate, so it's not hard to find it. Now that I got that out of my system, I won't mention it again!

    Here's the finished Konadicure.

    SpaRitual Delight Nail Polish Konadicure
    SpaRitual Delight Nail Polish Konadicure

    So I got up this morning with a nice fresh manicure. However, it's part of my drinking-coffee-and-waking-up routine to do my nails. Since I had the pictures to publish today, I decided I'd do a color I simply wanted to wear, and I picked Nubar Wildlife. I had no intention of taking pictures since you've seen it before, but I was again struck by how just plain cool this color is and took some pictures outside to show you. As was the case last time I photographed it, my pictures fall short of showing how extreme the duochrome effect is, and there's no way for me to show you how the color shifts with every tiny move. These new pictures do show you a little more since I had my yard and driveway to take them, rather than the 6'x3' balcony I used last time, and it's a bright, clear day here.

    The first is in full shade. On this one, check out how the top of my thumb nail is totally green, but the middle of the rest of my nails are the bronzey brown color.

    Nubar Going Green Collection Nail Polish

    The second is in full sunlight. Here, though the duochrome effect is evident it is less pronounced, and the sparkly shimmer of this nail polish really shows up well.

    Nubar Going Green Nail Polish

    The last one was taken in my driveway, just inside the shadow of the house next door, so it's shade but with much more indirect light - kind of halfway between the two pictures above. I like this one because it shows the duochrome on each nail. The center is the bronzey brown, and the sides are the green. The one of my ten nails that has a bit of curve from cuticle to free edge is my left index finger, and at the cuticle on that one, the green is pronounced. So depending upon the shape of the nail over the nail bed, with mine having a strong curve from left to right, the colors show up differently. I think this is cool as heck!

    Nubar Green Nail Polish

    Now that I'm at the end, I see I've shown you more pictures and written more about my Nails of the Day than what's in the title (I write the title first). There was simply more to show and tell you about a wicked duochrome than Konad M57 over a creme, and if I tack more on to the title it'll be insanely long, so I'm leaving it the way it is. I guess that'll happen if I change my mind about pictures, but as my dear ol' dad says, no children will go to bed hungry tonight if I don't fix it.

    That's all for today, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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