SpaRitual Fall 2009 Collection: Forbidden

    Good afternoon again, Dear Reader!

    I had a little window of time, and took it to swatch the last three SpaRitual Forbidden Collection colors for you. Since when I showed you the first three, I mentioned that seeing the collection in its entirety really gives an impression of how cool the whole collection is, I decided that rather than just showing you Part II, I'd show you all six colors this time around so you'd get to see what I see. I'll just show you the with-the-bottle pictures so the page loads this century.

    All six colors required three thin coats to be opaque and even, but applied very smoothly, evenly and overall very well. The conditions for each picture are different, so I'll just tell you what's going on in each as we go.

    Of course, browns and purples are hot for this Fall, and that's evident in this collection. It can be split down the middle into the predominantly brown and not predominantly brown shades, so I thought I'd do just that. I'm showing you the pictures from the previous post as if you'd never seen them, but it's to let you see the collection as a whole. It goes together nicely for me.

    I'll start with the tamer predominantly brown shades so we can end with my favorites. I called a favorite earlier, that became plural with this round of swatches... In order of depth of color for the browns, favorites for the non-browns, here they are.

    First is Mystic, a taupe creme, which is exceptionally smooth and even for such a pale shade (typical of SpaRitual though). This is no top coat, but with base coat.

    SpaRitual Fall 2009 Nail Polish Bottle

    Second is Inner Sanctum, a light peach brown creme, which is darker on the nail than in the bottle. Also with a base but no top.

    SpaRitual Forbidden Fall 2009 Nail Polish Bottle

    The third you haven't seen yet, and is a full manicure over Nu Nails with Diamont. It's Hush, desribed as "a warm brown creme." I think it looks like milk chocolate. It's a contender to unseat Lippmann Maneater as my favorite brown - that's why I'm test driving it.

    SpaRitual Forbidden Fall 2009 Collection Nail Polish Bottle

    That brings us to the not predominantly brown shades. The first is described as a "burnt orange red creme," which seems accurate, and is called Intrigue. I got a call while I did this one, and it dried super fast, and especially shiny. This is dry, no top, with base.

    SpaRitual Forbidden Collection Fall 2009 Nail Polish Bottle

    The fifth one you've seen, but is worth seeing again. Hypnotic is described as a "charcoal brown shimmer," and is just cool as heck - it's the one I declared a far and away favorite. It looks on the nail more like the bottle itself in the picture below, and this is a full manicure with Nu Nails and Diamont.

    SpaRitual Forbidden Collection Fall 2009 Nail Polish

    Last is Regal, decribed as "plum creme," which taught me not to decare a favorite based on the bottle alone. It's like Fall 2008's Solitude in that the description and general idea are not particularly noteworthy, but the color is absolutely striking. I thought this one would be a nightmare to photograph, but it really wasn't at all. I think this is one hell of a plum.

    SpaRitual Forbidden Collection Fall 2009

    Again, the release date for these is September 2009, and the retail is $10. That's higher than it used to be. I emailed sparkling*nails on ebay (that's a link to email her) to ask her what her price will be, as I assume her costs have gone up as well, but haven't heard back. She's usually the cheapest source for SpaRitual, has amazing CS (I've bought from her for years, pre-blog), and ships internationally. The other thing is that she usually will reserve stuff in advance if you email her. When I contacted her about her prices this morning, I asked her when she'd get these and if she'd be reserving them in advance, but don't know that for certain yet either. If she says "No," I'll edit this part out... In any case, I provided her email so that if you want any colors, you can ask her to set them aside for you now you you don't have to stalk her store for them in September. She'll just email you when they're in.

    That's it for today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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