SpaRitual Fall 2009 Collection: Forbidden, Part I

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    This is what I'd hoped to be able to show you: SpaRitual's Fall 2009 Forbidden Collection. Unfortunately, I didn't have enought time to swatch all six colors, so I have to show it to you in two parts. Today's three colors don't really give you a sense of how cool the collection is overall because I swatch by lining the colors up from lightest to darkest and start with the lightest, got two done, saw the time, picked my favorite for a mani, and called it a day. The three that remain have great variety, being a tomato-y red, a plum, and a chocolate brown.

    In any case, the three I swatched requred three very thin coats and went on very well. They're well pigmented and behave like SpaRituals. The first two are over Foundation with no base coat, the third is a full mani over Nu Nails with Diamont on top.

    Mystic is described by the manufacturer as a taupe creme, and that's accurate. It's a light taupe, just a little darker than oatmeal (I must need lunch - I've associated all of these with food!), and it's really smooth and even in three uber thin coats.

    SpaRitual Fall 2009 Nail Polish
    SpaRitual Fall 2009 Nail Polish Bottle

    Next, I swatched Inner Sanctum, which you can see is a bit darker on the nail than in the bottle. It's described as a "light peach brown creme," and again I would agree, with the emphasis on light with respect to the brown in the description.

    SpaRitual Forbidden Collection Nail Polish
    SpaRitual Forbidden Collection Nail Polish Bottle

    The last picture for today has nothing to do with how I lined them up when I started swatching. It's not often that a collection shows up where I've seen no preview pictures, but with SpaRitual, that's sometimes the case, and was with this one - I'd only seen the press release. When that happens, I inspect each bottle as I unwrap it and form an opinion, and there was one in this collection that made me say, "Cripes, SpaRitual!"

    That's the one I picked to use for a mani, Hypnotic, which I think is aptly named. I could get lost looking at this one. It's the only shimmer in the collection, and it's the crazy SpaRitual glowy shimmer, described as a "charcoal brown shimmer." Charcoal brown? Yep. That's what it is. My usual artifical light didn't get the glow at all, so I went outside for this picture. It really does look on the nail like it does in the bottle - all swirly and glowy. It's crazy, and it's far and away my top pick of this collection. It's up there with Steel Magnolia and Solitude as a SpaRitual classic.

    SpaRitual Forbidden Collection 2009 Nail Polish
    SpaRitual Forbidden Collection 2009 Nail Polish Bottle

    Back to press release info: the release date for these is September 2009, and these are not just free of toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde (and formaldehyde resin - I love you so much, Dear Reader, that I peeled a label to read ingredients!), but they're vegan as well. The only other nail polish brand I know of that can claim all of those things is Nubar, so that's a pretty small club! They retail for $10, but sparkling*nails on ebay will have them for less, I'm sure, and does ship internationally.

    I think I've covered everything for now. Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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