Versace Heat Nail Lacquer in V2046 & A Cool New Blog!

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I have a really fun nail polish to show you today, one that held surprises for me. For a while, my friend L8B has posted pictures on a message board of Versace Heat Nail Lacquer inV2046, and my, how I have coveted it! I managed to get my hands on it a few weeks ago, but since it's ancient, have put off using it because of my aversion to old-school chemicals (formaldehyde, toluene, DBP), especially with my nails being a bit fragile.

    Well, today is a special day. It's my mom's birthday, and she was a HUGE celebrator, so in her honor I decided to do something special and break out the Versace (obviously, I'm doing more tonight, that was just my little personal gesture...). I reluctantly hunted down an old bottle of Seche Vite to use over it, lest Diamont have some weirdo reaction, lamenting that I'd have to wrap my tips (which I don't so with Diamont) and that I'd likely have shrinkage with SV, but I really wanted to use the Versace.

    All, set, I applied Nu Nails (chemical reactions be damned, I'm not staining my nails!), then the first coat of the Versace. It was more than I'd hoped for, very richly pigmented, easy to apply, smooth as silk. The noteworthy thing was that it did not stink - being used to Big 3 Free, when I smell the old-school stuff now, it literally stings my nose. I stopped, got the ancient box the Versace came in, and read the ingredients. Much to my surprise, and thanks to the fact that the European regulations are way ahead of ours, I found that it was B3F! I finished the mani, turned up my nose at Seche Vite, and topped it off with Diamont.

    This is truly the most incredible medium blue. I am in love - it was worth the months of pining! Here's the two-coat finished manicure. Be sure to check out the power lines from the olden days in second picture - they're still suspended from those poles rather than underground here. I think it's quaint now, but when there's a storm and I have no power, I doubt it'll be as charming...

    Versace Heat Nail Polish
    Versace Heat Nail Lacquer Bottle

    And here's the cool little Versace insignia on the top of the bottle. You know how I love ornamented bottles!

    That's the Versace. Or a Versace. She has sisters! I'll show them to you soon...

    In the title, I said there's a cool new blog! Well, there is. You know that although I like to show you the latest and greatest whenever I can, I'm largely just doing my own thing here. Like showing you a random Versace and throwing caution to the wind with nail length. I recently found out there's another site doing the same - showing the latest and greatest with his own twist and doing his own thing (yes, his), all with exceptional pictures, great commentary, thoughtful color comparisons... You name it, he's got it. His knowledge of nail polish is amongst the best, and I expect his site to take off fast. I love it. If you don't know him yet, I am proud to introduce you to ybpolish! He's written a lot already, and updates often, so be sure to keep an eye on him.

    That's it for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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