The Best of Konad Part II for WowSoCool's Coupon!

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I'm torn between two themes for this week, so while I have that argument with myself, I thought I'd show you more Best of Konad for WowSoCool's 30% off sale this month (code = wowsocool1).

    I found a good one of plate M71. It's the all-over lace pattern with my favorite strip-of-lace pattern covering the gap at my tips in White Konad Special Nail Polish over Nubar Black Chrome.

    Nubar Black Chrome Nail Polish

    Here's one from M74 that I use a lot, which works on its own on nails of any length.

    Nubar Hot Green Nail Polish

    The stripe tip pattern from M44 is fun, and also works over any length.

    Milani Nail Polish

    I like the butterfly patterns, and my favorite is from plate M32.

    Nubar Nail Polish

    The ribbony pattern from M69 is another that works over nails of any length.

    Nubar Pink Nail Polish

    The woven pattern from plate S6 is one I use a lot when my nails are short. This is a great one!

    Orly Nail Polish

    The floral pattern from M26 is one I use often at the cuticle edge of my nails.

    Essie Nail Polish

    This abstract pattern from M64 is another that works on any length.

    Sephora Nail Polish

    The butterfly from M67 is another favorite. The detail on this one is great.

    Nubar Green Nail Polish

    The musical pattern from M73 is just awesome. In fact, I may go use it now! This is from when I was still testing non-Konad polishes, and you can see the stamp isn't quite as black as it could be.

    FingerPaints Nail Polish

    So that's Part II. I'm just searching the Konad label and when I hit a picture of a manicure that I really loved or a pattern I always use, I'm using those pictures. So far, I'm only through a couple of pages of Konad posts, so I could likely go on with The Best of Konad until the end of time!

    In the Best of Konad Part I, I did the math for you on why it's a good time to order from WowSoCool this month with the 30% off. Which reminds me, I just placed an order last night (and woke up to shipping notification)...

    I forgot to show you the picture from my nail polish play date! My friend and I played in an amazing park here, which has a beautiful big pond where kids go fishing and a giant fountain in the middle of the pond. It's the most peaceful place ever. The WowSoCool order I placed was for my friend - her birthday's next week, and she flipped at having Konaded nails, so I got her a starter kit and some of my favorite plates. Here's how we were as we were leaving.

    That's it for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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