Dior Turquoise Diabolo

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Just for funsies today, I took the lid off of a box that was full of polish to randomly pick an oldy but goody for today. Fun now, I'll be sorry when I have random bottles of polish all over, but I can worry abut that later... In any case, I struck gold. What I found was some old Diors, and I selected Turquoise Diabolo. In needs a dark blue base, and in the same box was Lippmann Collection's Devil in a Blue Dress, so I was set!

    I started with three coats of the Lippmann. I don't know if the color development folks at Lippmann just like jellies or if they're stingy on pigment, but it took three coats. As I was doing coat number two, I wished I'd chosen another base color. However, it dried fast, so it was no biggy. Then I gave it a coat of the Dior, the clouds parted, angels started singing, and all was well.

    Since it was so much polish to dry, I finished it with Lippmann Collection Addicted to Speed, which dries almost too fast. It starts freezing up on the brush stroke at the free edge of my nail. Since it's $20 for the full size, I only have a mini of it that came with a little mini set, and it did the job.

    Here it is as it looks in regular good light.

    Lippmann Collection Nail Polish

    Here it is in full sun.

    Dior Nail Polish

    The Dior sparkly colors like this came in a bunch of colors, and they're fantastic. They look foily in normal light, and just insanely sparkly in direct light. What fun! Of course, since they're old, they're discontinued - they really shouldn't have stopped making these, though!

    That's what I have for you today, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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