Milani Midnight Satin & Konad M71

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    Now back to our regularly scheduled theme for the week: drugstore nail polish! Today's pictures are of a mani I wore yesterday when I was unable to hunt down decent pictures of my very favorite all-over Konad pattern of all time, so I just did a new manicure with it.

    Since I wanted the pattern to show up, I started with a dark base polish, Milani Midnight Satin. This one isn't an is-it-black-is-it-blue, it's a blackened blue shimmer. Yes, there's a difference! I saw this one and immediately picked it up to inspect it, as I found the color really striking. The first coat went on like a coat of watercolor paint - really, really thin, so much so that I wondered if the polish was a bust. After three coats, though, it was good. Here it is on its lonesome in the sun.

    Milani Nail Polish
    MilaniNail Polish Bottle

    Unfortunately, with the thin polish, you can see that my ring finger nail is all messed up in these pictures. The good news is that Nail Weaver is holding the poor l'il thing together, and the better news is that I promptly Konaded over it, so it did not show in the finished manicure.

    That brings us to the Konad part. I used White Konad Princess Nail Polish and the all-over lacy pattern from plate M71 on this. I was very lazy with the double-stamping - for the second stamps, I just used the same stamp on several nails, using pieces of it to cover empty spots. This pattern is forgiving, so it turned out pretty well just the same. To me, it looks like the fabric from a rayon dress.

    Milani Nail Polish Konadicure
    MilaniNail Polish Bottle Konadicure

    I wore this out to a gathering of friends at lunchtime, and one of the ladies (who has amazing always-polished nails) was really enamored with it. She and I always talk nail stuff, and she's a big fan of Konad even though she's never seen it done (she's older-ish, maybe 50...). The excellent outcome of her noticing this manicure is that she and I have a play date tomorrow afternoon, and I get to give her a Konadicure. Our intention is to do each other's nails like we're 11, so I expect to have a great time on my play date. This is one of the many times being a woman rocks - can you imagine two middle-aged men having a play date on a Friday afternoon? I can't!

    So that's the story for today. If my friend is okay with me publishing pictures of our hands, I'll have a Play Date Report for you this weekend and show you her killer nails - they're really cool, so I hope to be able to show you. If not, not...

    Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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