Misa I'm Only Human Collection for Fall 2009

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I told you I'd break themes for good reason, and here I am doing it again! This time, it's for Misa's I'm Only Human Collection. I'll get straight to the pictures and do my yapping about them at the end. For the record, I had to name the pictures with the polish numbers - these are some of the longest friggin' names in the history of nail polish!

    First is Forgive, Forget, For Me I Will, a terracotta creme.

    Misa Nail Polish

    Next is That's My Little Secret, a berry creme.

    Misa Fall Nail Polish

    Third is I'm Going to Love Myself (please keep your comments to yourselves!), a pale pinky purple creme.

    Misa Fall 2009 Nail Polish

    Can't Nobody Take Me Down is next is line - nothing like improper grammar in a name! This is an almost chocolate brown creme.

    Misa Fall 2009 Nail Polish Collection

    That bring us to Today is My Birthday, a brighter and redder version of That's My Little Secret, also a creme.

    Misa I'm Only Human Nail Polish Collection

    Finally, there is Sorry Just Can't Help It, a purple creme, which is my top pick simply because it's purple.

    Misa I'm Only Human Nail Polish Collection Fall 2009

    This are all good in two thick coats, the only kind I could apply with this polish. It's pretty thick. They're solid, wearable colors, but nothing jumps out at me as impressive or edgy at all, and would a little shimmer here or there kill anyone? I'll leave the critique of the advertising materials to Scrangie... That couldn't get any funnier.

    So overall, nothing really bad to be said, but nothing really good either. They're colors. Huh.

    That's all for today. Until tomorrow, love and (more festive and sparkling) nail polish to you!

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