Nubar Royal Gems Collection

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Well, my surprise for you this morning got postponed a bit, so I'll have it for you tomorrow. In the meantime, I have something even more fabulous - Nubar's Royal Gems Collection showed up last night! I took pictures for you last night with artificial light since I won't have sun for a few days, and I'm not entirely thrilled with my pictures. Most of these are glitters, and the glitter shows up on the nail, but not very well in my pics! I may just redo the five glitters for you in the sun later, but I can at least show you the cool colors for now.

    So, as a whole, this collection is all two-coaters (max). The folk at Nubar are not fearful of dumping a boatload of pigment into a polish! The way this collection was packaged, there are seven base colors and one glitter top coat (Tiara). Tiara is intended to be worn alone as well, but we know me and sheers, so I just used it as a GTC. These are also super-quick-dry, which was part of my picture problem. They were pretty dry by the time I was done taking pictures. I was told they're intended for use with Nubar base, top, and remover (which I'm a big fan of), likely because they're so pigmented. As a novel change of pace, I followed directions and had no troubles. On to the pics!

    I don't know where to start, so it's alphabetical with a little exception I'm saving for last...

    Amethyst is a royal, royal purple shimmer with tons of tiny glitter.

    And here it is with a little Tiara placed upon its tiny head (that makes me laugh).

    Emerald!!! Emerald is what I wanted China Glaze Emerald Sparkle to be. It's a deep greeen shimmer with tons of tiny green glitter.

    With Tiara (after this one, I'll just give you both pics and you can assume it's the same base with the GTC).

    Ruby is a cherry (or ruby!) red shimmer with a ton of little red glitter.

    Sapphire is a royal blue shimmer, again with a ton of tiny glitter. It's like a more ladylike Dorothy Who?.

    Tiger's Eye is the brown I've been waiting for. This one has no glitter, but a lot of shimmer, which I've thought was lacking from some recent browns. This one is all in on being a shimmer.

    The last two blew me away. We know I love metallics, and these are two exceptional metallics. 24K has likely trumped Gold Fiction as my favorite gold. It's an intense gold shimmer, but also has some gold glitter in it. It's one serious gold!

    Last is my other favorite, Platinum. It really looks like platinum. It's a white-silver shimmer with glitter in it. I have a ton of silvers, but none that really look like platinum, so I'm all excied about this one.

    I love these. I'm really enjoying Nubar's releases in that they're good as collections, great individual colors, and completely what they are. You want gemstone colors? No wussy washed-out ones here. They are what they are. I like that!

    So this is Nubar's Royal Gems. Not the best pictures of them, but here they are. I'll definitely be using these, so when I do, I'll take better pictures of the first five for you with top coat so you can see their glittery goodness the same way I did swatching them. In fact, I think I'll go put on Sapphire right now!

    That's it for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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