OPI Espana for Fall 2009

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I'm really, really late to the party with this one, but seeing as it's salon week and I have them here, I swatched OPI's Colleccion de Espana for Fall.

    They were all three coaters for me, some could have used four, but the good news is that the brush didn't get moppy with this collection - it's manageable. They're also all cremes. Here they are with no top coat under artificial light.

    Barefoot in Barcelona is the color of a Band-Aid, and is my least favorite.

    Can You Tapas This? is kind of the color of Open Pit Barbecue Sauce, only not quite as red (I have no idea why it makes me think of that).

    Give Me Moor! is one of my favorites, but is also one that could have used a fourth coat.

    Ate Berries in the Canaries is a bright berry creme, not exactly what I think of for Fall, but is what I think of for Spain.

    Pink Flamenco, a hot pink, is also not screaming "Fall!!!" at me, but does say, "Spain."

    No Spain No Gain is a rich berry that does seem like a Fall color to me.

    Pamplona Purple, another I like a lot, is quite similar to Sephora by OPI's Domestic Goddess.

    Conquistadorable Color is a vibrant magenta red, but I think OPI could have done better than "Color" in the name!

    Bullish on OPI is a somewhat orange red.

    Manicurist of Seville is another I favor, a deep berry creme.

    Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow is one I was really fired up about, but it's not as great as I'd hoped. The first coat was like watercolor paint, and it's just a little different and less interesting that Sephora by OPI Dark Room.

    Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees is a good charcoal grey creme, but it's another that could use a fourth coat. It also went on like a watercolor.

    Whew! We made it. My patience for swatching runs out at six colors normally, but as I did these, the tornado sirens were going off here and I was in an interior room, so I just kept plugging away. I'm really sick of messing with nail polish right now though, I'll tell you that!

    That's it for today, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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