SpaRitual Hush & Konad M69

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    After a busy, busy morning, I decided to relax a little and do a little Fall Konadicure this afternoon. I started with SpaRitual Hush, the chocolate brown from the Fall 2009 Forbidden Collection due out in September, which is a three-coater for me. I waited ten minutes, then stamped it with the ribbon-y pattern from Konad plate M69 using Black Konad Special Nail Polish. To avoid smudging the black Konad polish, I topped it with one coat of Konad Top Coat, then one of Diamont to level it out and make it dry right away. A little story came up along the way that I'll tell you after the pictures, but to illustrate the story, I took a (bad) picture of my rarely photographed right hand.

    One note about the pattern - as you can see on both of my hands, it's probably the easiest of all of them to line up. The bottom of the pattern can go just above the cuticle, and behold, it's even!

    So the story... I placed a WowSoCool order over the weekend for my buddy whose hand you saw the other day - her 59th birthday is on Monday, and she's so blown away by her Konadicure that I got her a starter set and the plate we used on her nails for her gift (God knows no one else will get her the same thing!), using the 30% off code (wowsocool1). At the time, I decided I was set for supplies and didn't get anything for myself.

    Well, when I hunted down my black Konad polish, I saw it's almost all gone (my second bottle of it!), and went to good ol' WSC. That, Dear Reader, turned into a bonanza of nail art supplies! My affinity for browns and oranges is relatively new, so I also went for some Special Nail Polishes that either I didn't want before or are newer, and while I was at it, tacked on a couple of plates. Then the grand finale: the Sponge Nail Art Kits! I got two of them. If you don't know what they are, here's one. I've had my eye on these things since I first looked at WSC for my first Konad order (they're in the Stamping Nail Kits section), but have kept putting it off. The same lady who got me started on Konad has been doing amazing sponge art manicures, so I just ran with it while they're on sale this month. So I might be starting a while new phase - look how I fell in love with Konad!

    So why the right hand picture, you ask? I'm sporting two shorties. My index and middle nail broke all the way off before I cut the rest during the move, and I need to take the damage off of two of my left hand nails, so evening them all out would take care of all of that. It was on the agenda for this week until I ordered those sponge art kits. Now it's been postponed - I want all the length I can have for the sponge art!

    So, working within weekly themes, on the upcoming agenda is sponge nail art, then once I run out of supplies for it, get bored with it, or break off one of these damaged left hand nails, some length is going to go. There's also another potentially uber cool nail art thing to come too, supposing I can do it right, but I don't have a date for it so I'll just leave it as a surprise... We'll see when it gets here!

    I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl over the nail art stuff. I have no idea why it always makes me so happy, and I'm likely the only Irish woman walking around with as much nail art as I do, but it thrills me nonetheless!

    That's all for today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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