SpaRitual Mystic & M56 & Barry M FAIL

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Ever since I swatched SpaRitual Mystic the other day, I've been thinking it would be well paired with the Gold Black Konad Princess Nail Polish, so I decided to try that out today.

    Last night, I did the base of three coats of Mystic over Nu Nails finished with Diamont, then got sidetracked with something else. This morning, I went through the Konad plates, selected my old favorite tip pattern from plate M56, and did my tips in Gold Black. I finished it with another coat of Diamont. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked again, and in that time storm clouds rolled in and took away my sunlight.

    I'm a little bummed at how my pictures turned out under the artificial light I had to use as a result because the Konad polish just looks black, which isn't true to life. It really does look like it does in the bottle in the second picture below - it shifts between gold and black. So I suppose you'll just have to trust me that (i) Gold Black and Mystic is a good idea, and (ii) this manicure looks a lot cooler in person than in these pictures. I took a bunch, and this light just does not want to reveal the shimmer. The shimmer is the part that's cool - it's a stark contrast of both color and finish, the pale brown creme against a black gold shimmer. I really like it. I'm frustrated that I can't show it to you! Here's the best I can do.

    SpaRitual Forbidden Nail Polish
    SpaRitual Fall 2009 Nail Polish Bottle

    So that's the first half of today's topic, now on to part II: Barry M FAIL!!!

    A month ago, Barry M Cosmetics in the UK advertised a sale where they were offering 20% off and free shipping to the US. Well, I've had my eye on a few Barry M's for a some time, over a year, and ordered once a few years ago with no memorable incident, so I went for it. Here I am a month later, no Barry M's, no reply to four emails in two weeks, and a dispute opened with my bank card. So basically, what I got out of my Barry M order was ignored and the hassle of a chargeback dispute. Hours of family entertainment, huh? Since I'm having the hassle, I thought I'd pass on my experience to you so you can avoid the same. If, by some miracle, the Barry M's show up this week, I'll let you know and close the dispute, of course, but in the meantime, that's where it is. It's a disappointment, because I really wanted some of them, but if they show, I don't know if there will be an element of annoyance associated with them now. I suppose we'll just see what happens...

    That's the update for today, Dear Reader! Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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