StrangeBeautiful Nail Polish!

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I'm making another departure from this week's theme with this post. I'm doing a lot better this week than I did last, but this time, I just have to...

    I went out with some friends at lunchtime today, and as I was getting out of my friend's car to come home, I snapped my left thumb nail a hair shy of all the way off. All the way down. Dangit!!! I had a package waiting for me at the door,but I was more concerned with getting a silk wrap on my nail and fixing it than anything else. I did, and for now, all is well.

    Then I opened the package. Guess what it was? Since you likely read the title, you already know: StrangeBeautiful Nail Polish! This one can be categorized as A Weirdo Brand You Can Only Buy Online. Here's info, if you want it, on their site. The upside is that the colors are fabulous, well pigmented, easily two-coaters, and B3F, down side is, they have no names!!! The horror... So I just used one from Volume 2, a violet blue, and here she is in two coats with a base and top.

    So that's my intro so StrangeBeautiful. I like it!

    Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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