StrangeBeautiful Volume 1

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I've been up and around early this morning, so I decided to do some swatching for you. The good news is I got it done, the bad news is that my pesky left thumb nail popped right of, silk wrap and all, as soon as I removed its old polish. Dangit!!! So, for the first time ever, we have an all-right-hand post today while I decide how short to make them. You'll have to forgive my pictures - I'm not that good at taking pictures of my right hand...

    I swatched StrangeBeautiful Volume 1 for you, since I've never seen swatches of them online before. I figured, as long as I'm doing random stuff this week, why not make it unusual stuff? They're all two coats with no top, and none have names (that still unnerves me!). All are cremes.

    First is a pretty orchid color.


    Brown could have used a third coat.

    Nifty slightly blue green.

    Excellent true blue.

    Perfect pumpkin orange.

    This red started the line, and might just unseat Dior Poppy as my favorite red.

    Cool khaki, my NOTD. This one has a top coat.

    My only real criticism is the lack of names! I really like every single color, with the red, orange, and khaki being at the top of the list.

    That's all for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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