China Glaze Cosmic

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I was doing so well sticking with a theme, and then my kryptonite showed up: glitter. I'm a fool for glitter!

    I got some of the China Glaze glitters. Word around town is that there will be 50, I have seen way less than that, and have six. I've seen swatches of the one I used today, Cosmic, that made me sad, but I found it worked great.

    Cosmic is a black base loaded with silver and holo glitter, and it's totally opaque in two coats. The trick I found with it is that because of all the glitter, it needs a boatload of topcoat. I just kept adding it until it was smooth, which ended up being three coats of Diamont. As I recall, Lippmann Superstar took a grand total of six coats of top coat to look its best, so three isn't ridiculously many. Chunky glitters can simply be a little high maintenance, but if you love glitter, they're worth a few extra minutes of effort.

    Here are pictures of the finished manicure, after it dried.

    Minor PITA for a blingtastic mani!

    I know our international friends now have a hard time getting China Glaze, but not too hard a time... I know sparkling*nails on ebay will be able to ship these internationally, and she's great, so there's still a good option available. If you want to reserve anything from her, just email her and she's awesome about saving things before she lists them.

    That's it for today, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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