China Glaze Limonyte

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    I did have time this afternoon to play with the one I mentioned to you this morning. It's China Glaze Limonyte. This is a polish I've really, really wanted for well over a year, and have just been unable to get. I even got ripped off on ebay for it in the past year! I'd resigned myself to never having it, then ran across a little discount etailer, saw it listed, and added it to my cart. As I was checking out with my one polish, I tried to add a second one to give to you when I published it, but got the message that "Quantity in cart exceeds the quantity available." I got the very last one! My fingers moved at lightening speed through the checkout lest someone else was trying to buy the same thing! I didn't really believe I'd get it until it showed up in my mailbox about a week later.

    I tried to use it right away, but since it's chock full of all three of the Big Three, it wouldn't dry with a B3F top coat. I was able to find a big refill bottle of Seche Vite, but not a single little bottle to pour some into to use it. I guess I threw them all away when I switched to Diamont! Since I should have some on hand for the oldies, I stopped over at Sally Beauty Supply for a little bottle of Seche Vite on Saturday and got a free chemically base coat with it for use with old polishes. I guess my nails are doomed to being orange...

    The polish had thinned a bit with age and took four coats to be completely opaque, and I notice that Seche Vite doesn't dry as fast as Diamont, but for Limonyte, I'll wait! Here's the partly dry manicure, about half an hour after I finished it.

    Few things beat the joy of a lemming fulfilled! When I look at my nails, just as much as I enjoy the polish itself, I'm pleased with myself for finally being able to get it, and it makes me happy.

    That's all for today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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