China Glaze Meteor Shower

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I'd planned to do a really classic mani today, but I just could not resist the untried China Glaze glitters I have staring at me on here on my computer desk! They're on a shelf here, and they were calling my name... The classic will be soon to come, as it's one I've wanted to do for a while now. I even had it taken out this morning, but then I thought of of the sparkling blue goodness of Meteor Shower, and the classic was set aside for another day. Thank God I bought an entire bolt of felt from Joann Fabric the last time they had a major sale - I've needed it with all this glitter!

    This is another I got from sparkling*nails, and there are a few more, too. This mani is two coats of Meteor Shower and two thick coats of an older bottle of Diamont that had thickened a bit (the previous manicures I've done with China Glaze glitters have been with a new bottle of Diamont using three coats). This is the finished, dry manicure, not my best application because it was done at 3:30 a.m. when I was loaded up on coffee...

    I was really impressed with the coverage this gave in two coats, and the sparkle is fantastic. I may give it one more coat of Diamont to make it perfectly smooth, but for now, I think it's close enough for government work.

    I checked in with sparkling*nails about the rest of these, the rumored 50, yesterday, and she told me she is indeed getting all of them. I'll likely be getting them from her because she gives a 10% off discount for referrals, and I usually have one, and between that and the free shipping it comes out to about the same as etailers. Since I trust her more than anyone else (one problem in years of orders, a leaky bottle, which she replaced immediately and gave me a freebie for the trouble), I stick with her. Since I'm thrilled with these, I've put in an order for the others as she gets them, and will show them to you as soon as I can. She's good about letting people preorder - just email her and she'll tell you what she has coming in.

    I meant to do a pedicure this morning but forgot to, so I may have more for you later. It may be my classic, it may be more glitter... Only time will tell! Until then, Dear Reader, love an nail polish to you!

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