Color Club Japanese Glitters!!!

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I'm back to the land of the living today - I'll tell you about it after the pics, in case you don't especially care! The happy package I came home too yesterday was my sparkling*nails order. She'd emailed me after I sent my request (I've bought from her outside of ebay for about two years now), telling me she'd just gotten in the Japanese Color Club Glitters, and asked if I wanted to tack them on to my order. Initially, I thought I'd pass on these, but after seeing a few pics, decided that with free shipping, what the hey...

    So I came home to them, and they are spectacular!!! Here they are all lined up in a row. Let's all sing together, "One of these things is not like the others. One of these things is just not the same!"

    I swatched them for you, and I'll show them to you from left to right in the picture above. Each is two coats without a top coat.

    Sakura Glow is the palest pink, and so very Japanese! It's a super sheer pink loaded with somewhat holo glitter that reflects a ton of colors.

    Strawberry Sherbet has a typo on the label. It says "Strawberry Sharbet!" This one is a medium pink, also sheer, and the glitter seems to have more of a multi colored reflection than Sakura Glow.

    The first two, I plan to use for layering, as we all know I'm not very comfortable in sheers. The next two, I could easily wear alone.

    Strawberry Candle (weird name!) is a bright pink jelly loaded up with multi colored glitter.

    Last is the oddball, Too Violet, which is a purple holo glitter. It's opaque in two coats.

    Normally, I'd wear Too Violet first since it's holo and purple. However, today I feel light and happy, so a pink was my first choice. The crappy thing I had to do yesterday was show up for court - my ex sued me. He's a lawyer and was represented by a lawyer, and I had to show up alone. The outcome was that they took my suggestion and things went may way! Whoo hoo!!! A pink glitter is definitely in order today. I chose Strawberry Sherbet over a base of two coats of Nubar Pink Creme, and my nails are a happy reflection of my mood today.

    Now you've seen the Color Club Japanese Glitters! I checked, and sparkling*nails has them available in her store, or you can email her with an order like I did. I noticed she also has Color Club Wild at Heart available, if you're looking for those. Plus a boatload of other stuff, which is how I consistently rack up the $100 that gets free shipping...

    That's the update for today, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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