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    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I did manage to carve out a bit of time for the swatches I wanted to do for you, and I have them here. Before I show them to you, I have to take care of something really quickly... Indi? Michael? If you're still reading, please run, run like the wind! Below are pictures of matte nail polish! Okay, now the rest of us can carry on.

    These swatches took a bit longer than usual because I left a good 10-15 minutes for them to dry before taking pictures of each, testing to make sure the polish was dry as well. The application was excellent - it was like that of normal nail polish. From the application, I would not have known it was a matte, I would definitely have known it was three free (but in a controllable way, not in the gross slippery way). Three of the four shades took two coats, the last required a third (but is well worth it).

    The finish on these is both noteworthy and consistent amongst the four, which are all cremes. If you recall (or if you don't, I'm about to remind you), with the Orly mattes, there was inconsistency between the three shades with respect to the degree of matteness of the finishes, and I had a preference for the middle and least matte. The four Diamond shades are roughly in the middle ground between my preferred two in terms of having a nice, satiny matte finish, and that is consistent throughout the collection. I'll get right to the pictures now and start with the one where that is the most surprising to me (with no real order after that).

    Matte Black is described by the manufacturer as "a classic matte color without the intimidating punk vibe." I think that's accurate. Now, I know a lot of people don't care for matte black on my nail length, but for a moment, let's look past that and look at the polish. Do you see how satiny the finish is? This is the first matte black I've seen that is not flat. I really like this one, and am thinking that I'll be using it with white Konad over it. That finish is just great. The reason is surprises me is that when Orly's were satin but for the black, I figured a satin black was just not doable, but here I have been proved wrong.

    Matte Nail Polish
    Matte Nail Polish Bottle
    Diamond Cosmetics Matte Black Nail Polish, Two Coats

    The same satin finish is on Matte Mulberry, which is like a pinker, softer version of Sephora by OPI Domestic Goddess Matte. I think it's feminine, and I like it. This is two coats.

    Diamond Matte Nail Polish
    Diamond Matte Nail Polish Bottle
    Diamond Cosmetics Matte Mulberry Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Matte Smoke was the one that really caught my eye when I opened them. I so love greys, and I think this is a great shade of it. I think the finish sets off the shade beautifully, and this is one that has a great simplicity that even I would leave alone.

    Diamond Cosmetics Matte Nail Polish
    Diamond Cosmetics Matte Nail Polish Bottle
    Diamond Cosmetics Matte Smoke Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Matte Burgundy is the one that required three coats, and I do think it's worth the effort and extra dry time - it's the one I chose to wear after swatching, so I didn't just have to wait for it to dry enough to take a picture, I had to wait for it to completely cure. It's described as "a sophisticated, deep, rich, burgundy." It is. It also looks a bit like dried blood. Too Elvira, Mistress of the Dark for you? I'm sorry. That's just what I thought. Blood makes me pass out (literally, I fall over), this polish doesn't phase me, so it's just an interesting similarity, not too literal. I think it's cool as heck, which is why I'm wearing it even as I type.

    Diamond Cosmetics Matte Nail Polish 2009
    Diamond Cosmetics Matte Nail Polish 2009 Bottle
    Diamond Cosmetics Matte Burgundy Nail Polish, Three Coats

    I was a little reluctant to swatch yet more mattes, to be honest with you, Dear Reader. As I mentioned at the start, I wait 10-15 minutes after applying each color to make sure it's as matte as it's going to get, so I put about an hour into just waiting with these swatches. Mattes are time consuming! These though, were worth it, I think. I'm really impressed with the satin finish, the application, and the colors. The other thing is, they're $2, so I wanted to show them to you in case you were on the fence about getting some mattes this season - if you don't want to spring for a $9 or $18 matte black, you have a $2 alternative. In swatching, I thought these might appeal to those on the fence about the finish itself - they're sort of "matte light." Whether you like them or not, now you've seen them. If you do, they're at Diamond Cosmetics' site.

    I am definitely done with nail polish for today, Dear Reader! Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

    Edit: I just got word that these are a limited edition collection.

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