Diamond Cosmetics Winter 2009 Nail Polish Collection

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    Diamond Cosmetics sent me samples of their upcoming Winter 2009 Collection to review, and I just finished swatching them and doing a full manicure with the fourth (the collection is four colors). I've got pictures of them for you today.

    I'll show them to you in increasing order of preference. They all applied well, with the basic thick 3-free formula, which is not a problem for me. It was easy to control, and did not seem to have that thick-yet-runny thing happening. Each took two coats to be completely opaque.

    First up is Smokey Rose, which quite simply is a smoky rose creme. There's nothing wrong with it, it just doesn't excite me. If you don't have a basic rose, this one's $2, so it's not a bad choice, but I have a million.

    Diamond Cosmetics
    Diamond Cosmetics Nail Polish
    Diamond Cosmetics Smokey Rose Nail Polish, Two Coats

    The next one, Mulberry Mayhem, I kind of underestimated in the bottle. When I swatched it, I was more impressed. It's a bright red-berry creme. I like this one quite a bit.

    Diamond Cosmetics Winter 2009
    Diamond Cosmetics Winter 2009 Nail Polish
    Diamond Cosmetics Mulberry Mayhem Nail Polish, Two Coats

    The next two struck me right when I took them out of the box - I'm fired up about these two. Which would be third and which would be fourth was a matter of inspecting the bottles as I swatched. Number three is a purple creme called Crushed Velvet. It's a rich, deep, slightly blue shade, and will definitely be the base for Konad manis.

    Diamond Cosmetics Winter 2009 Collection
    Diamond Cosmetics Winter 2009 Collection Nail Polish
    Diamond Cosmetics Crushed Velvet Nail Polish, Two Coats

    The last shade in this collection is my Nails of the Day, and the only shimmer in the collection. It's called Cherry Tobacco, and is a very rich blackened red brown shimmer. It's my top pick from this release.

    Diamond Winter 2009 Collection
    Diamond Winter 2009 Collection Nail Polish
    Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco Nail Polish, Two Coats

    So overall, I'm really pleased with this collection. Two I love, one I really like, and one I simply have dupes for. Not bad at all.

    As I mentioned above, these go for the princely sum of $2 on Diamond's site. What I don't know, and am about to email them to ask and will later add as an edit to the bottom of this post, is whether this seasonal collection is permanent or limited edition. In any case, I don't think there's any need to panic yet! I've been happy with all the polishes I've used from them though, so for $2, what the heck...

    That's all for today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you.

    Edit: I just got word that these are a permanent addition to the line.

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