Diamond Crushed Velvet & Konad M69

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Yesterday I said I thought I'd be using Diamond Cosmetics' Crushed Velvet for a Konad base, and what do you know, here it is! Two days of sixty degree weather and I'm beginning to come to some acceptance of Fall, and this is a great cool weather purple.

    Since I just showed you Crushed Velvet alone yesterday, I didn't bother with new pictures of it alone. I did two coats of it for the base, then decided to be a little understated with the Konad and went with one of my favorite patterns from plate M69 in Blue Konad Special Nail Polish. Since when I walk around there's not a bright light shining on my hands, it's quite subtle. Here's the finished manicure.

    Diamond Cosmetics Nail Polish
    Diamond Cosmetics Nail Polish Bottle
    Diamond Cosmetics Crushed Velvet Nail Polish, Two Coats, and Konad Plate M69 in Konad Blue Special Nail Polish

    That's my Nails of the Day today. I have more polishes to swatch for you, which I may or may not do today, so maybe I'll have more for you later. Until next time, whenever that is, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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