Essie Loves Diamonds by Judith Ripka

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    It's barely morning, but I'm struck with insomnia, so I thought I'd show you some swatches I did the other day. At the end, there's a glitter tie-in, so I'm still sticking with the theme for the week!

    The Essie Judith Ripka colors are a pricey limited edition set I swore I wouldn't but, but I found them for a good price, am a sucker for novelty, and got them. The twist to these is that they're "infused with diamond dust," but since they're all cremes, it's some tiny dust! There are also gemstones in a few of the bottles (Judith Ripka's a jewelry designer). Think I'll every get mine used up enough to find out if I won? Me neither.

    These were all three coaters for me, but went on surprisingly well, and despite the fact that they're not ground-breaking colors, they're good colors. I'll show them to you lightest to darkest. Some of the names made me laugh.

    First is Put A Ripka Ring on It, which we all know is the last damn thing I need to do, what with me having enough engagement rings to make a tiara. This one's a pinkish nude, but is opaque and even in three coats. After coats one and two I was afraid it would be a streaky mess, but the third evened it out nicely.

    Next is Queen of Hearts, a really good red creme. This one is very wearable for me.

    Last is Heart My JR Jewels, which makes me giggle like a school girl. This one's a deep chocolate creme.

    To Heart My JR Jewels (tee hee), I added the Splat pattern from a Hot Topic fauxnad plate. It looks like what I thought it would look like. To make it glitterific, I topped it woth Konad Gold Top Coat, then Diamont. Silly manicure? Yes. Do I enjoy silly manicures? Indeed I do!

    This color was dignified when I started, now, not so much! I think "dignified" is the word I'd use for the collection as a whole. The nude is a classy pinky opaque nude, the red an absolute classic shade, and the chocolate a great stylish brown. But then you let you and my Konad at it and the dignity get shot all to hell...

    That's the update for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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