Lippmann Collection Wicked Game

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I made some plans to go out to dinner with my dad tonight, and thought the glitter party manicure would not be the most appropriate thing in the world. My dear ol' dad loves me just as I am, but for him, I tone it down a little bit!

    I chose Lippmann Collection's Wicked Game, the other Holiday 2009 color, as the next one to wear. It's really strikingly duochrome in the bottle, but only moderately so on the nail. I did three coats and can still see through my nails in the light, but can live with it. I like the color a lot. It's primarily a pinkish purple shimmer, somewhat washed out, with a kind of hard to describe, brownish, greenish duochrome effect. Very pretty, neither color is especially strong, and they kind of fade into one another, which is what makes them hard to describe. In the bottle, where the effect is strong, it's hard for the eye to catch either - it's cool.

    This is three coats over a base in two different lighting conditions in an attempt to show you the duochrome a little better.

    In the second picture with the brighter light, you can see through my nails. The color in that one is more true to life. I gave the first, dimmer picture to show the duochrome - it seemed to me that the effect showed up a little better in that picture, but the picture itself is dark.

    That's it for today, Dear Reader. I'm done with nails today! I'm off to do other stuff for a few hours, then out to dinner with my beloved father. I'm going to his house half an hour early so we can show off our current projects to each other - we're each other's #1 fan. It's a good deal! So until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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