More China Glaze Glitters!

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    This morning I have the rest of the China Glaze glitter nail polishes that I have here for you. I did swatches of them for you. Two were the last two I had, and then I picked up one more that Sally Beauty Supply was putting out yesterday when I stopped in for something else because it was pretty and sparkly...

    Preppy Pink is one I had, and is a light pink jelly with multi colored glitter. I used three coats to make it opaque. It's pretty and girly.

    Ginger is a gorgeous gingery bronze with holo glitter. This is two coats.

    Dreamsicle is the one from Sally's, an orange with orange and golden glitter. It was too Halloween-y to wait for! This is two coats.

    Now you've seen all the China Glaze glitter nail polishes that I have, so I can finally move on to that classic manicure that I've been putting off! I'll probably show that to you later today. I still have the Color Club Mattes to show you, but I've been waiting so long for this one that the CC mattes can wait a little longer...

    That's what I have for you for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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