Wow So Cool Code Now 30% Off!!!

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    So 25% wasn't good enough for you, you say? Well now you've got 30% off at WowSoCool with code "nailphile"! The head lady at WowSoCool rocks. They were my original Konad place and treated me great before they knew I had a blog, shipping literally about two hours after I hit Send Order, and every order I've placed with them has been perfect.

    Edited 09/25/09, 2:20 PM Central Time
    Redacted Per 3rd Party Request

    I am loyal to WowSoCool - they're honest, and I love honest, small businesses.

    I have more in store for you this afternoon, so until then, love and nail polish to you!


    In the comments below, the was the suggestion that a particular blogger was accepting kickbacks, and she came here to confirm that she is not (Scrangie). Please don't just assume another blogger is. If you're wondering about another blogger and kickbacks, just email her and ask her. That's really all you can do. I just wanted to share my own experience with you, Dear Reader. I can't speak for anyone but myself - my own experience is all I have to share with you. That said, I'm going to do some swatches for you, which I'll have this afternoon.

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