Anna Sui Dolly Girl Nail Polish Sets

    Happy Halloween, Dear Reader!

    I'm not a huge Halloween person, or holiday person, for that matter, so I have something entirely unrelated to Halloween for you today. Today, we have the limited edition Anna Sui Dolly Girl nail polish sets.

    These are available on Sasa, but I found them for a lot less in Singapore. Alas, the source in Singapore no longer has them.

    There are two sets (conveniently named 01 and 02), and each consists of three downsized Anna Sui polishes, nail art decals, and a little doll house box for them. The polishes aren't too mini - they're 6ml rather than Anna Sui's usual 10 ml.

    This is Dolly Girl Nail Set 01.

    Anna Sui Dolly Girl Nail Set 01
    Anna Sui Dolly Girl Nail Polish Set 01

    This is Dolly Girl Set 02.

    Anna Sui Dolly Girl Nail Set 02
    Anna Sui Dolly Girl Nail Polish Set 02

    For today's manicure, I used two coats of 106 topped with one coat of 008, and my nails smell all Anna Sui rosy. It's the new rosy though, where it smells good rather than the overpowering scent of the older ones.

    Anna Sui Dolly Girl
    Anna Sui Dolly Girl Bottle
    Anna Sui Dolly Girl Nail Polish, One Coat 008 over Two Coats 106

    So I'm not Halloween-y today, but I have sparkly nails that smell like roses, so I couldn't complain if I wanted to...

    That's what I have for you today, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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