China Glaze Khrome Collection

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I had some sun today, so I swatched the China Glaze Khromes for you. Each is two coats over a base. I used Nubar Foundation for five, and Zoya Get Even for the one I did a full manicure with. Get Even dries way slower than the Khromes, so I got massive bubbles. It's a bad mix...

    The Khromes really do look like metal, and they dry fast. I waited for them to dry before taking pictures.

    There are a few variations of gold. This is 2030.

    China Glaze Khromes 2030
    China Glaze Khromes 2030 Bottle
    China Glaze Khromes: 2030 Nail Polish, Two Coats

    A little darker is Hi-Tek.

    China Glaze Khromes Hi-Tek
    China Glaze Khromes Hi-Tek Bottle
    China Glaze Khromes: Hi-Tek Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Darker still, more of a bronze, is Robotika.

    China Glaze Khromes Robotika
    China Glaze Khromes Robotika Bottle
    China Glaze Khromes: Robotika Nail Polish, Two Coats

    The silver is Millenium.

    China Glaze Khromes Millenium
    China Glaze Khromes Millenium Bottle
    China Glaze Khromes: Millenium Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Kind of an aqua green is Metallic Muse.

    China Glaze Khromes Metallic Muse
    China Glaze Khromes Metallic Muse Bottle
    China Glaze Khromes: Metallic Muse Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Here's my bubbly one. It's a slightly lavender silver, Sci-Fi.

    China Glaze Khromes Sci-Fi
    China Glaze Khromes Sci-Fi Bottle
    China Glaze Khromes: Sci-Fi Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Those are the Khromes. Completely unrelated to the rest of this is the fact that I'm a few days behind on answering comments - I've just been overloaded busy recently. I'm reading them as they come in, and will answer them this weekend.

    That's all for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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