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    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I decided I'd better get moving on showing you the rest of these China Glazes, so I have four more for you today. Two are cooler than I thought they would be, one made me sad. I went with "Specialty" again today because again, I have a non-glitter one.

    You may also notice that I added a tab at the top of the page for these (and added one for the Konad tutorial post as well). It's not a page that's a gigantic stream of all the China Glaze glitter posts, I made a tidy little alphabetical list of all the names of the ones I've shown you and linked the names to the respective post - the date on the list is out of whack for practical reasons. That sounds like more of a hassle than it was - I worked for the State of Illinois, Public Aid no less, in the early 90's. It was a central office for a statewide program where we had more paper than I've ever seen in one place, and everything was always alphabetized. It took me under two minutes to alphabetize the bottles.

    That's what my state experience got me - the ability to alphabetize quickly, and some of friends have also noted that I can fold a letter in thirds amazingly well. And resentments too, if I'm going to be honest... But I'm far beyond the resentment these days and have been for years, so all that remains are the alphabetizing and folding things! Anyhow, I put that up there so that rather than hassle with searches for colors, you can just click on the tab from any page, and click on the color name to see it. It should make it a lot easier to flip back and forth if you're planning an order than searching would be.

    On to today's colors! I'll start with the sad one just to get it out of the way. I'm going to try it once more, using three coats rather than the two I have here. My biggest problem with being disappointed in Electric Lilac: My serenity is inversely proportional to my expectations. I was so fired up for this one! I love lilac, I love regular and holo glitter which it's loaded up with... What do we know I don't love, in general? Sheers. After two coats, it's still pretty sheer. I'll have to try it over white or with a third coat, but for a swatch, since I've done all of these alone, I did this alone. I give you Electric Lilac:

    China Glaze Electric Lilac
    China Glaze Electric Lilac Bottle
    China Glaze Electric Lilac, Two Coats

    The next one made me immediately think that someone in the naming group at China Glaze has recently been through a pretty bitter divorce: Bridezilla (and I wonder why I'm not on their press list...). It's not this alone, it's in conjunction with Gold Digger that I think that. It certainly falls well short of misogyny, but it doesn't seem very friendly, either! This one's a shimmery light pink, more like a happy bride. Nonetheless, here is Bridezilla.

    China Glaze Bridezilla
    China Glaze Bridezilla Bottle
    China Glaze Bridezilla, Two Coats

    Now we have two left, the two that were cooler than I'd hoped. Medallion is gold glitter in a gold base with holo hex glitter. I have disco nails! It reminds me of CND VIP Status quite a bit. This is two coats of Medallion.

    China Glaze Medallion
    China Glaze Medallion Bottle
    China Glaze Medallion, Two Coats

    Last in line is Dynasty, which is a red jelly with regular and holo glitter. The base is hard to describe. In the bottle, it leans toward dark red, but on the nail, it's a lighter red. This is two coats of Dynasty.

    China Glaze Dynasty
    China Glaze Dynasty Bottle
    China Glaze Dynasty, Two Coats

    I cheated and wrote this when I had some time late last night. I'll add these four color names names to the big list in the this morning - I have some things to do today, and knew I would not have time for swatches, so I did them and wrote this while I could.

    That's what I have for you for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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