Konad Princess Nail Polish Swatches, Part I

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    A couple of days ago, reader Cinthia put forth a request that was both a great idea and quite a challenge. She asked if I would swatch Konad polishes for you. Well, I've taken up the gauntlet and figured out a way to make it a manageable task for me to do as for you to refer back to.

    What I'm doing for this is eight colors per post, keeping Special and Princess in separate posts, and I will add a tab at the top as soon as I'm done writing this which will be in outline format. It will have Special and Princess with color families, such as Brown, in alphabetical order, and links top the posts there.

    As for keeping it manageable for me, I'm using both hands and two stamps per nail. Here, you shall see why I don't show my right hand. I am the polar opposite of ambidextrous. I apologize in advance for the right hand picture, and am ashamed to admit it's the best of seven...

    The stamp I chose for the samples is the Coraline profile from plate CO1. Although I have a great love of my Coraline plates, that's not why I chose it... I picked it because it's small enough to stamp on my nails twice, and it has a good sized section that's solid as well as fine detail lines, so it seemed a good choice to show how well a given polish performs.

    The polishes I chose are simply the first eight Princess polishes I dug up. I ordered them on my nails so as not to have similar colors together (such as a blue and a purple), lest the color balance of the pictures get thrown off. For the base, at Cinthia's request I used white on one hand, which clearly displays the color itself, and on the other, I used grey to show how the color was affected by a pigmented polish. The colors used were OPI Alpine Snow Matte and Diamond Matte Smoke, both with Diamont on top before and after stamping, since that would be normal conditions. I chose the two base polishes for color and dry time. Here are the pictures, I'll tell you about the polishes after.

    Konad Princess Polish
    Konad Princess Polishes over Grey

    Konad Princess Polishes
    Konad Princess Polishes over White

    Please note that all of the stamps on my left hand, the grey, are good. Some on my right hand are iffy. Again, that's because my left hand is really uncoordinated, it's not the polish. I think going forward, I'll put the white base on my left hand.

    From left to right and top to bottom, they are:

    1. Princess Chocolate: this is the ones that seems thin, probably best suited to small patterns that are fine lines. The streaks are visible on my pinky with the white base. It's a chocolate crown creme.
    2. Princess Light Gray: perfect, I've had this one the longest and never had a problem. It's a light grey with a touch of lilac and a bit of shimmer.
    3. Princess Violet Pearl: this is a shimmery deep violet that stands up against the grey polish. I have no troubles with this one.
    4. Princess Coral Blue: excellent cool blue creme which I've used a lot, and never had a problem with. On the grey, I smudge it, I see. That was user error.
    5. Princess Pop Green: despite being a light green creme, this one is so heavily pigmented that it is unaffected by the grey polish. I have never had any trouble with this one.
    6. Princess Cool Red: a strong red creme that produces very clean lines.
    7. Princess Olive Green: just what it says, olive green creme. Also trouble-free for me.
    8. Princess Deep Jungle: this one is testy, but worth it. I found that the polish doesn't want to come off of the stamper if it's used in the normal manner. What I do is pick is up as usual, wait 10 seconds, then apply to the nail. Then it works. It's a blue green shimmer.

    Those are the first eight Konad polishes on what will be an I-don't-know-how-many part series. I'll likely try to alternate between Special and Princess for this. It's certainly not an attractive manicure I'm left with!

    That's all I have for you today, Dear Reader. I'm off to add a tab to organize things... Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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