Konad Special Nail Polish Swatches, Part I, and A Surprise

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    The manicure I showed you this morning was actually my post swatching mani from yesterday. I did more swatches for you this morning. This time, it was Konad Special Polishes I swatched, and I cried Uncle on my ability to take pictures of my right hand, so I used only my left. I still have yesterday's mani on my right, am a little low on time, and have errands to run, so it's looks like I'm going out like this!

    Before I get to the swatches, I'll tell you about the surprise. I got an email from Wow So Cool this morning - the owner, who's a really nice lady, wants to give you a thank you gift for your business and support. She's giving one of you a Konad Deluxe Gold Kit, and one of you a $50 gift certificate. WSC offers a zillion different kits, and this isn't the cheapy kit, which is cool. It's the $95 one. I think it might be the one I started out with. It's seven polishes, a bunch of plates, scraper, stamper, all you need to get going. I put the entry form at the bottom of this post, and entries will go for two weeks. I'm just hosting the entries and will give the winners' emails to WSC, I don't get anything out of this giveaway other than knowing one of you gets to start having some Konad fun.

    On to the swatches! I'll start with white. You'll see, my skintone reads very differently with white and grey, but I don't think it threw off the polish colors, as I went through the pictures. I didn't choose the pictures that were the best poses or the best of my nails, I chose the ones that best showed the polish.

    Konad Special Polish
    Konad Special Nail Polish Swatches over OPI Alpine Snow Matte Topped with Diamont before And after Stamping

    Konad Special Polishes
    Konad Special Nail Polish Swatches over Diamond Matte Smoke Topped with Diamont before And after Stamping

    They are, left to right and top to bottom:

    1. Blue: perfect blue creme. Stands up to color, always gives a great stamp.
    2. Dark Orange: dark orange creme, is kind of bright over the white. also no trouble at all.
    3. Yellow: I smudged the stamp on the Grey swatch a bit, but I'd already done the black one, so I couldn't erase it. The yellow creme is reliable.
    4. Black: gives a much blacker stamp than regular nail polish.
    5. Gold Brown: light slightly orange brown with a gold shimmer. I also smudged this one on the grey, but again, it was the second stamp on the nail. I've used this one a few times now and like it.
    6. Gold: as you can see, it's merely a shimmer on the white, but shows up, subtley, on the grey. The Silver and Gold are best used for a subtle effect over dark colors. For a Shazam!!! metallic, I suggest the old SH Chromes or old Revlons.
    7. Pastel Pink: reliable pastel pink creme.
    8. Silver: like Gold, best used over dark colors for a subtle effect.

    Those are the first eight Konod Special Polish swatches, Dear Reader.

    Here is your entry form for the Wow So Cool Says Thank You Giveaway (ETA: which is open to everyone world wide!):

    Good luck, and until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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