Nails, Inc. The Hills Collection

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I've had a bunch of surprises today - nothing has happened as planned! The first surprise was when what I had scheduled for this very minute evidently got postponed, so here I am telling you about the other nail polish related things.

    The first was that as I tried to decide on a manicure for this morning, I checked my mail on a message board that I'm a member of. I had an email from a lovely lady in the UK (a reader, coincidentally) with whom I'd traded some polishes, and was waiting to use the ones she'd sent until she received hers. They arrived earlier than planned and I got to break into my UK polishes this morning, so I get to show them to you!

    They are my very first Nails, Inc. nail polishes, which I coveted after seeing pictures of them. All I knew were that the pictures were of four amazing colors, they were Nails, Inc., and called The Hills Collection. I took a picture of the package when it arrived, even though the US and UK postal systems did their best to beat it up, because I laughed at myself for not making the connection. Look at the packaging: it really is The Hills Collection!

    Nails, Inc. The Hills Collection
    Nails, Inc. The Hills Collection: Hollywood, Melrose Avenue, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive

    At my age, that show was only on the periphery of my consciousness when it began - I don't believe I was aware that it was still being produced (assuming it is). I'm keeping this outside packing forever - it cracks me up that I own it.

    I'm not going to be swatching these beauties, I'll be wearing them one at a time. I chose Rodeo Drive for today, and it's just amazing. One coat was almost enough, two gave it that vinyl look I love. Here is Rodeo Drive.

    Nails, Inc. Rodeo Drive
    Nails, Inc. Rodeo Drive Bottle
    Nails, Inc. Rodeo Drive Nail Polish, Two Coats

    I'd been out and about for a while, and came home to a package from Wow So Cool. I ordered some Konad Polishes for the whole swatching project, and they arrived. Despite Rodeo Drive's simple beauty, there was one Konad Special Polish I couldn't resist using - Sky Pearl. It's a sky blue shimmer, and I just had to try it out on a dark blue canvas. As luck would have it, I had ten little ones right here! For a pattern, I chose one of the thinner lace patterns from Konad plate M71.

    Nails, Inc. Rodeo Drive & M71 Konadicure
    Nails, Inc. Rodeo Drive Bottle & M71 Konadicure
    Nails, Inc. Rodeo Drive Nail Polish & Konad Plate M71 in Sky Pearl Konad Special Polish

    The thing I like about that patten from M71 is that if luck is on your side lining it up, it gives the appearance of a continuous line of lace across the nails,which is a cool effect. Yes, perhaps, the Nails, Inc. was better on its own, but I couldn't resist playing with at least one of the new Konad polishes! I simply didn't have it in me, and I like the end result.

    So that's the tale of my surprises. Now that it's officially mine, I look forward to telling my friends that I have a collector's item of The Hills. We'll have a good laugh!

    Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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