Nails Inc. Melrose Avenue

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I have another nail polish from Nails Inc's The Hills Collection to show you today, Melrose Avenue.

    I quickly Googled this collection after a couple of comments asking about it last night, and discovered it was much more in demand than I was aware (but then, given that I wasn't sure The Hills was still in production until last night, and these are my first Nails Inc's, that's about right!).

    I wanted to make today's post "Nails Inc. The Hills Collection Part Deux" and give you more information about each color and the collection to be able hunt it down if you wanted it. All I've been able to find after spending a good ten minutes of my life on it is announcements that it came out about two weeks ago. The most useful article for fans is one from Fab Sugar UK, which showed pictures of each character (cast member? I genuinely don't know the proper term here) with each color. The article is OMG! The Hills Collection From Nails Inc Is Here. I was operating on the assumption that each color corresponded to someone, but that could be totally off base. If you have info you'd care to share, please feel free to share it with all of us in the Comments section - it would be appreciated!

    One last comment on the show itself, so I'm clear - I mentioned this in reply to a comment yesterday, but want to be totally clear. I am not mocking anyone for watching The Hills - we all do our own thing. For reference, I watch Hell's Kitchen, a show so over the top bad that I can never point fingers at anyone for watching anything! Gordon Ramsay just makes me laugh and laugh. He gets so mad! The Hills is simply not my thing. That's why I find it entertaining that I have the packaging with The Hills people on it. If you knew the whole package of me, as my in-real-life friends do, it would make you laugh at me for that as well. If I offended you yesterday, I am sorry. I hope this extra info makes it clear where I was coming from, and you understand I was laughing at me, not at you.

    Enough about reality TV! That's not why we're here! We're here for nail polish... You can tell from the title I chose Melrose Avenue today. It's my favorite of the four, and I'll tell you why I'm wearing it today after the pictures. The first coat on this one went on like a jelly, almost totally sheer (while Rodeo Drive was opaque at one coat), and I thought I might need three coats. Nope! Just one more and I have medium blue purple creme perfection. I finished it with top coat and went outside to take pictures. The sun was strong, so the pictures are a bit lighter than the actual color (I didn't Photoshop them after at all). In the sun, this is Nails Inc. Melrose Avenue.

    Nails Inc. Melrose Avenue
    Nails Inc. Melrose Avenue Bottle
    Nails Inc. Melrose Avenue Nail Polish, Three Coats

    I broke from the Best for Last convention today because today's a great day of celebration for me. It's the ninth anniversary of something good (not a wedding!!!) that my friends and family celebrate with me (next year's the big one, a 10th anniversary on 10/10/10!). I picked the best polish I have, coordinating clothes and makeup, and have some fun planned. While I was writing this, some things were delivered, so I might just play with them this afternoon and have more for you later. We'll see... I'm doing whatever is most fun today!

    That's the scoop on my limited information on this collection, reality TV confessions, and my happy day. Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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