Nubar Chocolate Truffles Collection

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    The UPS man dropped off a surprise for me today: Nubar's Chocolate Truffles Collection, which is shown as coming soon on Nubar's site. The collection consists of different shades and finishes in brown, and they all have matching chocolate candy names. I like Nubars and I like browns, so I was all excited and swatched them for you.

    These are all two coats, and only the last is a finished manicure with top coat. I'll start out with the two cremes, then the finishes get a little crazy...

    The lighter of the two cremes is Milk Chocolate Creme.

    Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme
    Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme Bottle
    Nubar Chocolate Truffles: Milk Chocolate Creme, Two Coats

    The darker looks like my morning coffee when I put a packet of Swiss Miss into it, Swiss Chocolate.

    Nubar Swiss Chocolate
    Nubar Swiss Chocolate Bottle
    Nubar Chocolate Truffles: Swiss Chocolate, Two Coats

    Now the finished start to get much more festive. Check out the glowy shimmer in Chocolate Caramel.

    Nubar Chocolate Caramel
    Nubar Chocolate Caramel Bottle
    Nubar Chocolate Truffles: Chocolate Caramel, Two Coats

    Sort of duochrome-y with somewhat fine pink shimmer (caffeine?) is Chocolate Coffee Bean.

    Nubar Chocolate Coffee Bean
    Nubar Chocolate Coffee Bean Bottle
    Nubar Chocolate Truffles: Chocolate Coffee Bean, Two Coats

    A reddish brown with lots of fine shimmer, next is Cherry Cordial.

    Nubar Cherry Cordial
    Nubar Cherry Cordial Bottle
    Nubar Chocolate Truffles: Cherry Cordial, Two Coats

    Last, but very far from least, is Raspberry Truffle. This one is the full manicure, and is a dark brown loaded with red and pink shimmer. Here's Raspberry Truffle.

    Nubar Raspberry Truffle
    Nubar Raspberry Truffle Bottle
    Nubar Chocolate Truffles: Raspberry Truffle, Two Coats

    I know that not everybody loves browns, but I do. You've seen a few brown cremes here lately, but I think the shimmers are what really stand out in this collection. My criticism of more than one recent brown shimmer was that the effect was too understated, and I certainly don't think that could be said of any of these. They really pop.

    That's all I have for you today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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