SpaRitual Inner Sanctum & Konad S6

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today I have one from the vault for you, a manicure I did after some swatches in the past week. I like Chanel Dragon too much to change in. For the record, I'm finding it's wearing really well over Nu Nails, too - not a bit of tip wear or a single chip.

    The manicure you have not seen yet started with a base in SpaRitual's Inner Sanctum, from the Forbidden Collection, which is a light brown creme. It required three coats to be even and opaque, but was no big deal because SpaRituals tend to have a good dry time and the cremes have a great shiny finish, so it's worth it. Here is three coats with a top coat.

    SpaRitual Forbidden Collection
    SpaRitual Forbidden Collection Fall 2009
    SpaRitual Inner Sanctum Nail Polish, Three Coats

    To it, on my quest for a subtle Konadicure, I added the woven pattern from plate S6 using Chocolate Konad Princess Nail Polish. I found that the Chocolate was a bit thin by Konad polish standards, although well pigmented, and left streaks on the plate. I saw right away they'd show up in pictures, but not walking around. I liked the color, so I used it anyhow. Here is the finished manicure.

    SpaRitual Forbidden Collection and Konad S6
    SpaRitual Forbidden Collection Fall 2009 and Konad S6
    SpaRitual Inner Sanctum Nail Polish and Konad S6 in Chocolate Konad Princess Nail Polish

    By the time I finished my right hand, I got a handle on the Konad polish, and I really like it, so I'll use it again.

    I may have more in store for you later, Dear Reader. I just don't have the heart to take off Dragon right now! Until then, love and nail polish to you!

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