SpaRitual Regal and Konad Plate M56

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Guess what? I couldn't handle having one grey and one white hand, both with four fingers Konaded all to heck yesterday. I changed it. I've wanted to use SpaRitual Regal again, so I did. It's the third time I've worn this one since I got it in August. I love it very much.

    Again, so you don't have to go hunt down what it looks like alone, I took new pictures of it. It was kind of cloudy out, but the pictures turned out well. This is three coats, right before I went to Konad it.

    SpaRitual Nail Polish
    SpaRitual Regal Nail Polish, Three Coats

    For the Konad, my original idea was from swatching. I wanted to pair this with the Light Gray Konad Princess Polish, using a pattern I have never used from one of my favorite plates. I've seen a few manicures using the leaf French Tip pattern from plate M56 in browns lately, and I was thinking a less literal interpretation with respect to colors might be interesting.

    I sat down to Konad, and it turned out the fine lines of the leaf pattern were too fine to hold my year-old, kind of thick Princess polish before it dried once scraped. Okay, Plan B: use the regular Orly polish that was close to the right color nearby... I stamped one hand, looked at it, and was reminded of why I use Konad polishes. The lines were simply not as crisp. So I swiped my nails with acetone to remove the polish. Here, I ran into another problem. I'm getting low on Diamont, but still have some SpaRitual Tout de Suite from when I switched brands. I used Tout de Suite today. I discovered that it does not stand up to being swiped with acetone, for the record!

    So, I strayed from two of my usual methods of my routine, and was reminded of why they're in my routine! I put on another coat of Regal over my left hand, then stamped my leaf pattern over it in Gold Konad Special Polish. Success! What a hassle for one manicure... At least it turned out like I wanted it to, and likely a little better than my original color choice. I was going for Fall with a little color twist on the leaf theme, but still subtle, and I think that's what I got. Here's my result.

    SpaRitual and Konad M56
    SpaRitual Nail Polish and Konad M56
    SpaRitual Regal Nail Polish, Three Coats, and Konad M56

    That's the tale of my overcomplicated manicure, Dear Reader! I did want to pass on to you what I found out about that swiping with acetone trick, though, since Tout de Suite is my #2 choice for top coat. It's watery thin going on, and I think it just doesn't leave a thick enough layer of the product to stand up to acetone. I need to order more Diamont for Konad bases though, having made that discovery. Nubar's got a 15% off code right now - I found out about it a couple days ago via Twitter and forgot to tell you. It's on their Promotions page on their site - I was poking around there, so you can find it there. The minimum is $30.

    That's it for now. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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