Ulta Professional Nail Lacquer

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I have something a little different for you today. Now that that I have no Ultas nearby, they came out with some cool colors in their Ulta Professional line! I found them on Ulta.com during a buy three get three free sale, and armed with an additional discount code, I got some. Some colors are new, some probably aren't, but these are the ones I tried out.

    They required three coats (except one, which only needed two), and one ad a weird brush that was all splayed out. For what I spent and what I got, I'm happy. If I'd paid retail, I would not be.

    Here they are. I'll start with the two coater just to keep it simple, so I don't have to remember to mention it.

    Twilight is a glittery taupe, not really the best shade on me, but it had really good coverage and applied well.

    Ulta Professional Twilight
    Ulta Professional Twilight Bottle
    Ulta Professional Twilight Nail Lacquer, Two Coats

    On to the three coaters... Black Diamond is a black base with gold and many-colored shimmer.

    Ulta Professional Black Diamond
    Ulta Professional Black Diamond Bottle
    Ulta Professional Black Diamond Nail Lacquer, Three Coats

    Blue for You is a vivid, somewhat purple blue shimmer that include hot pink shimmer bits.

    Ulta Professional Blue for You
    Ulta Professional Blue for You Bottle
    Ulta Professional Blue for You Nail Lacquer, Three Coats

    Green with Envy was the one I was after in the first place, a blackened green shimmer.

    Ulta Professional Green with Envy
    Ulta Professional Green with Envy Bottle
    Ulta Professional Green with Envy Nail Lacquer, Three Coats

    Purple Reigns is a kind of magenta purple shimmer.

    Ulta Professional Purple Reigns
    Ulta Professional Purple Reigns Bottle
    Ulta Professional Purple Reigns Nail Lacquer, Three Coats

    The last one, as always, is my favorite: Rock Star. This one's a deep purple, and check out the crazy shimmer.

    Ulta Professional Rock Star
    Ulta Professional Rock Star Bottle
    Ulta Professional Rock Star Nail Lacquer, Three Coats

    That's my little sampling of Ulta's Professional Nail Lacquer line. Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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