Dior Pink Ballet (Rose Ballet)

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today I have something a little different for you: Dior Pink Ballet (or Rose Ballet). They always have the French and English names on the box, and this is one of the rare occasions it could be referred to as either in English. What makes it different for me is that it's a sheer (gasp!) that I like (double gasp!!!).

    It's distinctly pink, and it applies like a Dior - like magic. I used two coats, then to make it look like magic, finished it with two coats of Northern Lights Silver Top Coat. Northern Lights is a quick dry top coats with itty bitty holographic bits in it, and over Pink Ballet makes it look like a fairy came and sprinkled fairy dust on my nails.

    If I had better light, the picture would be better, but I don't so it's not.

    Dior Pink Ballet (Rose Ballet)
    Dior Pink Ballet (Rose Ballet) Nail Polish, Two Coats, with Two Coats Northern Lights Silver

    That's Dior Pink Ballet spiced up a bit. I like it quite a bit, myself.

    It's also all I have for you for now, Dear Reader, so until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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