Milani 3D Holographic Collection

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    Today I have swatches of Milani's 3D Holographic Collection for you. I didn't have high hopes of finding these, but when I was out and about running errands this morning, I ran into a display of them. I got there just in time - I grabbed the last bottle of two of the colors!

    The application of all of them was pretty good, particularly for holos. All six required three coats to be even and opaque for me. What's cool about them is that they're holo, but they have little tiny flaky bits in them that remind me of Sephora by OPI's Untarnished Image.

    I had moderate daylight for the pictures a couple hours ago, which was not the most consistent light ever, but it's the best I'm going to get in the Midwest in January... So let's look at the colors!

    HD was the weakest of the collection for me. It's a silver holo, but even after three coats I can kind of still see through the tips of my nails. This one, for me, will have to be layered.

    Milani HD
    Milani HD Nail Polish, Three Coats

    3D is a gold holo, and this one was opaque in three coats. I like it because I like golds, and the only other holo gold I have is of the super-fine holo variety and came from overseas.

    Milani 3D
    Milani 3D Nail Polish, Three Coats

    Digital is a kind of blush pink holo, and the little holo bits stand out in this one. It was good in three coats.

    Milani Digital
    Milani Digital Nail Polish, Three Coats

    Cyberspace is a light blue holo, also opaque in three coats.

    Milani Cyberspace
    Milani Cyberspace Nail Polish, Three Coats

    Hi-Res is a lavender holo, good in three coats.

    Milani Hi-Res
    Milani Hi-Res Nail Polish, Three Coats

    Hi-Tech is the yellowish green of China Glaze's L8R G8R, and also good with three coats.

    Milani Hi-Tech
    Milani Hi-Tech Nail Polish, Three Coats

    Those are my pics of Milani's 3D Holographic Collection, and overall I like it. The only one that seemed weak was the silver. We've seen these colors before (except a holo gold), but the finish on them is different in a good way.

    That's what I have for you for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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