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    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    A couple of weeks ago I posted info from an email I received from an etailer clearing out their OPI stock. The specific email I got was sent to me and two other bloggers (our email addresses were all visible to each other in it), so it was clearly meant for publication. Five days after placing an order with no shipping notice, I deleted the info about it from that post so I wouldn't be sending anyone else somewhere questionable. It will stay deleted, as two bottles I received had leaked and partially dried up (40 drops of thinner in each to make them usable once I finally got them open), another was missing a label, many were out of stock, and I was shorted one bottle.

    Overall, I did well, getting quite a few HTF OPI's for a great price, but since all the goodies should be OOS by now and the overall experience was somewhat sketchy, it's not a company I would recommend, so they'll stay unnamed here.

    My preferred method of getting HTF polishes is "dusty hunting." I've only been to salons for it, but have struck gold many times, and they've cost me between $6-$7 each. The "hunting" part of the term is obvious, the hunt for HTF's, the "dusty" comes in with the fact that the old bottles are literally dusty. When I open one for the first time, there's a little ring of dust around the lid - it's amusing. It's also more fun for me than paying a lot on ebay because it's a challenge and a complete surprise as to whether I'll find anything. Maybe one out of four tries I find good stuff, but often that fourth place has a ton of good ones. But this order was like getting the payoff of a dusty hunt with neither the fun nor the effort, so I'm content with it.

    I woke up early today, which left me some bonus time to do some swatching of some of the HTFs I received. I figured that some are not often seen, and they're generally held hostage on ebay for a hefty ransom, and my thought was that seeing some swatches might help you choose what's worth looking for and what you can pass on. I have a bunch for you! They're all three coats and all the pictures are under artificial light. These are all black label (old formula) OPI's.

    The least hard to find, but often overlooked, of Man of La Mancha. Looking at the swatch of three coats of it on its own, it's easy to see why: it's not terribly impressive.

    OPI Man of La Mancha
    OPI Man of La Mancha Nail Polish, Three Coats

    However, even though it's too sheer on its own, the sparkle and the bottle color indicate that it might be better layered over black. Here's two coats over L'Oreal Black Box, which is my favorite black for chemically layering. It's an old L'Oreal Speed Dry black creme, and can be acquired cheaply on ebay. I like it because of the fact that, despite requiring two coats, it dries really fast so there's little wait to apply the layering color. Notice how completely the color changes when layered.

    OPI Man of La Mancha over Black
    OPI Man of La Mancha Nail Polish over L'Oreal Black Box Nail Polish, Two Coats Each

    The next easiest to find is probably Cabana Banana, a yellow shimmer. After three coats I can see through my tips with this one just a bit, so if I could find a matching yellow creme, I'd layer this one. Even on its own, this is a really great color, a very bold and unique yellow.

    OPI Cabana Banana
    OPI Cabana Banana Nail Polish, Three Coats

    Third in line for one that you could expect to find in a beauty supply or salon is All Shook Up. I've passed on this one before upon finding it because in the bottle it looks sheer - I check by rolling the bottle to evaluate how easily I can see the mixing BB's through the polish. It turns out my little trick failed me on All Shook Up. It's opaque in three coats, and is a really cool shimmery red-pink-coral color.

    OPI All Shook Up
    OPI All Shook Up Nail Polish, Three Coats

    The rest of these fall into the category of what sheer luck will get you in a dusty hunt. This next one is the one missing its label, and from my invoice I assume that it is Norwegian Salmon. It's also one of the two that leaked and I had to pry open, hence the dried polish at the cap.

    OPI Norwegian Salmon
    OPI Norwegian Salmon Nail Polish, Three Coats

    A few of these have the super duper old OPI bottle. What's different is the back markings. I took a picture of this one to show it to you - compare it to a newer OPI you have sitting on the computer desk and you'll see the difference.

    OPI Norwegian Salmon Nail Polish
    OPI Norwegian Salmon Nail Polish Bottle Back

    One of the more coveted HTF's, which I have found in a salon twice, is SRO (Standing Room Only) Silver, and the complete name of it does include the parenthetical definition of "SRO." It's a very holographic silver in the bottle, but a bit sheer on the nail in three coats. I think it would be far more impressive layered over a silver.

    OPI SRO (Standing Room Only) Silver
    OPI SRO (Standing Room Only) Silver Nail Polish, Three Coats

    The remaining colors, I had only heard of, and seen pictures of some. These all have the super old bottle, and I'll just show them to you in reverse order of preference to save the best for last. All three are good, just the last one is great.

    Mount Redmore is a somewhat orange red creme, and was opaque in three coats.

    OPI Mount Redmore
    OPI Mount Redmore Nail Polish, Three Coats

    Fjord Follies is a great red with a great name, opaque in three coats, and has just the slightest secret shimmer to it.

    OPI Fjord Follies
    OPI Fjord Follies Nail Polish, Three Coats

    The last one is the great one, although it's the other that leaked a bit, was glued shut, and required 40 drops of nail polish thinner. I never thought I'd see it: Buenos Aires Iris. It's a bright, slightly purple, medium light pink shimmer with a strong purple flash. I love this one.

    OPI Buenos Aires Iris
    OPI Buenos Aires Iris Polish, Three Coats

    Those are my new-to-me old HTF OPI nail polishes. There are more that I got with this order, but these are the oldest, all black label ones. The others, I'll show you soon, and I think a combination of two will be my Valentine's Day (or VD, as my sister calls it) manicure. I chose a few of these blind, no pictures or anything, but am happy with them all, thrilled to death by a few.

    I do believe that with enough determined dusty hunting, all of these can be found, and even though my experience with ordering these online for a fair price was mixed in terms of a general order, I'm happy with it overall to have acquired these particular OPI's. Had an order for current polishes played out the same way, I would have been really ticked off, but I'm grateful for what I received.

    A completely unrelated update is about an email I just received while writing this. WowSoCool.com will have the new Konad plates I showed you last month in stock within a week, so we have some more fun things to look forward to! The big news on those is that they're limited in quantity. Pre-orders are being accepted for them now here, there are also some new Konad Special polish colors, the code "nailphile" still works for 30% off all but the already discounted Build Your Own Kit, and shipping is free to the U.S. and Canada for orders over $20 (which is four plates or polishes with the discount). I'm excited to get them - I'm springing for all of the new plates and new colors, myself.

    So that's the update for today, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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