More Jill Stuart Nail Polish

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    You know what a huge fan of Jill Stuart nail polish I am, and I have a few more to show you today. Two are limited colors, and one is a Spring 2010 color. All three are extremely sheer, so I layered each over another polish.

    Romantic Berry is the Spring 2010 shade, and it'e a sheer pink with a fine, delicate sparkle. I layered two coats over Nubar Pink Creme.

    Jill Stuart Romantic Berry
    Jill Stuart Romantic Berry Nail Polish over Nubar Pink Creme, Two Coats Each

    Aqua Tint is a limited color, a very sparkly and very sheer aqua, and I layered it over Sephora by OPI's Private Access. This is two coats of each.

    Jill Stuart Aqua Tint
    Jill Stuart Aqua Tint Nail Polish over Sephora by OPI Private Access, Two Coats Each

    Amethyst Shell, the other limited color, is by far my favorite. It's a sheer lavender base full of light multi colored glitter. I layered this one over Nubar Lavender, using two coats of each.

    Jill Stuart Amethyst Shell
    Jill Stuart Amethyst Shell Nail Polish over Nubar Lavender, Two Coats Each

    Those, Dear Reader, are more Jill Stuart nail polishes. They're also all I have for you today, so until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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