Borghese Ecstasi Indigo

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    I was out and about today and ran into a limited edition Borghese display I've passed up a few times, but this time I cracked and came home with Ecstasi Indigo, which is a very dark blue creme.

    I've never had a ton of Borghese - they're pricey for drug store nail polish, and the brush takes some adjustment. I'm used to the brush now and like it, but it is really big. It's still easy to control, which is why I like it.

    The quality of Borghese is usually quite good, and that is true of Ecstasi Indigo. In two coats it was deep blue creme perfection.

    Borghese Ecstasi Indigo
    Borghese Ecstasi Indigo Nail Polish, Two Coats

    I added a litle white Konad from plate S9, using White Konad Princess Polish for the stamping.

    Borghese Ecstasi Indigo Nail Polish
    Borghese Ecstasi Indigo Nail Polish, Two Coats, with Konad S9

    I got a couple other drug store nail polishes I'll have to show you in the next few days, plus a little surprise.

    Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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