Chanel Gold Fiction & Konad Decals

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I have good news and I have bad news... The bad news is that what I was afraid would happen when I removed Mixed Up is exactly what happened. A couple weeks ago, my hair, which is stronger than my nails, took a good slice out of a nail. I've had it patched, but since my last major break to my pinky nail was in removing a heavy glitter, I thought I might do some damage in taking Mixed Up off, and I did.

    Rather than have my nails held together with super glue and duct tape (not really, it just feels that way!), I cut them all off below the damage with a nail scissors and shaped them with a glass file. What a bummer!!! I can't type, hate how they look, and can't wait for them to come back, but at least I'm free of repairs.

    The good news is I have a cool little nail accessory to show you. Jessica from WowSoCool sent me two packets of Konad rhinestone nail decals as an extra with my last order, and I love them! I looked for them in WSC's 3D Stickers category, but they were not there. I emailed Jessica to ask about them, and it turns out that she received them in very limited supply and didn't put them on the site. I took pictures of what she sent me so that if you like them you can contact her to get some. I'll show you my mani using one, then tell you about them.

    The manicure is a base of two coats of Chanel Gold Fiction (yes, I decalled a Chanel LE!), used one of the garnet-y decals for an accent on my ring finger, and topped it with a coat of Diamont to seal it. I had much grander plans when I sat down to start, but since my available real estate was diminished by about two thirds, this is as good as it gets! The polish job isn't the best, either - I have a harder time polishing when my nails are short.

    Chanel Gold Fiction Nail Polish Bottle
    Chanel Gold Fiction Nail Polish, Two Coats with Bottle & Konad Decal

    Chanel Gold Fiction Nail Polish
    Chanel Gold Fiction Nail Polish, Two Coats with Konad Decal

    The things I particularly like about these decals is that the adhesive is strong, but not so much so that it accidentally gets stuck in the wrong place, and that the plastic that holds the fakey stones does not overhang the edge, as is the case with many. Here's what Jessica sent to me:

    The red I used today:

    Konad Rhinestone Decals
    Konad Red Rhinestone Konad Decal Packet, Less One

    Konad Decals
    Konad Fake Turquoise Konad Decal Packet

    I adore stuff like this, and the one I have on worked brilliantly. I did neglect to ask the price of these, but Jessica is extremely fast at answering emails, so I'm sure she'll tell you. This morning was the first time I poked around at WowSoCool other than for plates and polishes, and I found a lot of cool stuff there, which is why I gave you a link above to the decals page. It can be dangerous to the wallet to poke around there, but oh, what fun! Jessica also told me this morning that she has more cool stuff to come, so as soon as I have specific information to pass on, I will.

    So that's the tale of the demise of my nails due to glitter, and the intro of some dang cool nail jewelry. Now we have another few months to look forward to my pictures looking like a flip book, but as my mom would say, that's life in the big city.

    Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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