CHI Sultry Nights

    Good evening. Dear Reader!

    I had an early night tonight, so while watching a little TV, I decided to play with some new decals I picked up this morning (regular adhesive ones, not water decals). They're from the same batch I showed you earlier, and I ordered them from Korea.

    I picked out some white ones I wanted to use, and thought they'd be good over a dark blue shimmer. The darkest blue shimmer I had handy was CHI Sultry Nights. I needed three very thin coats, but the drying time on this nail polish is excellent, so I was able to put on the decals in about 15 minutes. Here's Sultry Nights alone.

    CHI Sultry Nights
    CHI Sultry Nights Nail Polish, Three Coats

    So that was by base, and the decals I added are white, lacy, and have super tiny rhinestones on them. Looking at the decals in the package, I thought they looked lacy. It turns out that they look a little more like doilies than lace.

    CHI Sultry Nights Nail Polish
    CHI Sultry Nights Nail Polish, Three Coats, with Decals

    I randomly added some other bits from the same sheet in an effort to minimize the doiliness, but I don't think it was too effective. Now it looks like doilies with random other bits around them.

    I'll surely take this off tomorrow, but I don't think I've ever shown you CHI Sultry Nights, which is a great one, so I figured I would now. It a discontinued color from a seasonal collection a few years ago, and another example of CHI's great seasonal colors,, despite the core collection consisting of 35 shades of red.

    I included the picture with the decals because I thought it might give you a laugh. It makes me laugh. The most tragic part is that these are great decals. They're super thin, have adhesive that allows for do-overs in placement, and I love the itty bitty rhinestones. However, none of that compensates for the fact that it looks like an Irish sitting room circa 1900 on my hands.

    That's all for today, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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