Dior Blue Lilac (Lilas Bleuet) & Fimo

    Good morning, Dear Reader, and happy first day of Spring!

    To celebrate the first day of Spring, I did my first fimo manicure, and I'd call it a moderate success. I got some of the pieces of fimo as thin as I wanted them. It's festive, if nothing else!

    I decided I wanted to use Dior Blue Lilac as the base, a color I've shown you before. Since it's sheer, I started with one coat of Essie Walk Down the Aisle, then did two coats of Blue Lilac. I added top coat, waited a few minutes, then went to town applying the fimo pieces I'd cut out before starting the manicure. I sealed the fimo with a coat of Diamont.

    Dior Blue Lilac Nail Polish
    Dior Blue Lilac Nail Polish, Two Coats & Fimo for Spring

    Dior Blue Lilac Vernis
    Dior Blue Lilac Nail Polish, Two Coats & Fimo for Spring, Closer View

    I'll be interested in seeing if these stay on all day or not. I have errands to run, so I'll find out... Yesterday I got the tip from a reader to warm the fimo slices prior to application so that I could make them flatter on the nail, but the fact is that after cutting them, doing a three coat manicure, and waiting five minutes to apply the pieces, I just wanted to be finished and get on with the day, so I didn't. Maybe next time...

    That's what I have for you today, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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